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A year after Covid-19 reached US, infection and death rates continue to surge

A year after Covid-19 reached US, infection and death rates continue to surge

On January 20, 2020, the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus was reported within the US. Almost a year to the date, on Tuesday, the death toll from the virus in the country crossed 400,000 with a total number of over 24.25 million recorded infections – making the US the worst-affected country. The current rate of Covid infections and deaths is the highest since the pandemic hit the US.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Just imagine if the 6 dem governors didn't stick covid patients in nursing homes while taking their famil members out. This is 47% of the death toll. Also do an actual autopsy for cause of death. Drunk driver crashes car into tree he has covid now marked down as covid related death a complete farce.

Delterra 2 months

What a remarkable job we've done, a simple act of genius to politicize the wearing of something as easy as any other piece of clothing(a mask) thanks ex pres Trump! Really sad that you won't stay in office to continue your culling of the innocent but especially the culling of your own supporters

Doug 2 months

Famous last words - Feb. 26: “You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero,”

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

How many of these deaths were gunshot, old age, or otherwise complicated deaths I wonder?

Joshua 2 months

People seem to not realize that nearly 3 million people in the USA die every year anyway. If this were an additional 400,000 people, that would be significant. But it's not. The average age of death from COVID is nearly 80 years old which is higher than average life expectancy. Most of these people would have died this year anyway. But people seem to love the fear mongering, so stats doesn't matter.

Robo 2 months

Breaking news, an infectious disease continues to be infectious.

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