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Trump gets suspended from YouTube for another week

Trump gets suspended from YouTube for another week

YouTube confirmed Tuesday that it has extended a ban on new videos being added to President Trump’s channel. A prior weeklong suspension of uploading or streaming live video to Trump’s channel had been set to lift on the eve of President-elect Joe Biden taking the oath of office. The extension comes given concerns around the potential for inciting violence.

IIzard 0 months

Trump should have defended his supporters from this before the election... But it's too late now.

Opher Simani
Opher Simani 0 months

Trump should have moved to alt platforms wherehe wouldn't have been banned.

Irish Dave
Irish Dave 0 months

Yeah how dare he post videos asking for calm and no violence. But you can't spin a narrative with evidence like that out there so ban ban ban.

Nate 0 months

At this point I think they’re just trying to mess with him. I like it

eclipseNF 0 months

Censorship? Nahh it's free speech bro! Murica

taggart 0 months

Time to put Trump and his supporters into obscurity. The failed President is a disgrace!

NeilT 0 months

According to the Left, even silence is violence so Trump's still violent while silenced.🤡🤡🤡🤡

Eric 0 months

This is completely insane. We’re jumping into a world where you will be suspended, cancelled, confined for the possibility of something.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Which is bs.. he already served his suspension... extending it just shows YouTube true hand

Matt 0 months

This'll look good. lol.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 0 months

Sad days our coming as they try and normalize censorship.

Marvin 0 months

F utube

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