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SLS rocket test ’failure’ not a failure after all: NASA

SLS rocket test ’failure’ not a failure after all: NASA

A big test of the core stage of the Space Launch System rocket of NASA had to be cut dramatically short. The reason was first described as being a ’major component failure’. In latest reports, after examination of both the hardware and data of the test, NASA has claimed that no components had failed during the test. ’Intentionally conservative’ test parameters resulted in the test being aborted.

Talon One
Talon One 2 months

This is just marketing language for "Whoops. But we'll do better next time" Learning by doing. Nothing new for engineering.

Saul E
Saul E 2 months

NASA- Never A Straight Answer

Marvin 2 months


Seekster 2 months

Gotta spin this somehow and keep paying Boeing.

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