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Call for Colombia’s ’cocaine hippos’ to be culled

Call for Colombia’s ’cocaine hippos’ to be culled

Scientists have warned that hippos that belonged to Pablo Escobar are taking over the marshlands of Colombia, and need to be culled. The so-called ’cocaine hippos’ were illegally imported to the country by Escobar. Scientists project that the rapidly breeding hippo population could surge to 1,500 by 2024. The hippos pose a threat to the natural wildlife since their urine and feces are toxic.

Tom A
Tom A
Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 2 months

Even after death, Pablo Escobar still pisses the Colombian government off

Doug 2 months

It was the lazy government that set them free to ravage the ecosystem in the first place. All the government wanted was to seize the money.

Joe Knowles
Joe Knowles 2 months

"Packed in dry ice, and shipped to your door, Colombia Steaks has what you're looking for. Top quality hippo steaks, roasts, and various grinds. Treat yourself, and your family, to a succulent (if somewhat gamey) hippo steak today!" Problem solved.

Miranda 2 months

There are so many zoos, sanctuaries, and breeding programs in this world. It isn’t their fault that they were released there. Humans messed up and it’s our job to fix it without punishing them

Arianna 2 months

Oh come on, don’t kill the hippos! They didn’t choose to be here! Just bring them to their natural god damned habitat and stop importing exotic animalsssss 😔😔😔

OmegaDMM 2 months

Best headline, hands down!

Viviko 2 months

Even after death Escobar is doing his usual shenanigans. Lol.

Andy 2 months

Surely they could sell them to China?

Mike 2 months

Can we relocate them? Gotta move the bodies either way.

Michael 2 months

And why do we give a shyte about Columbian hippos?

Aaron 2 months

This whole article was a ride from start to finish

Dweg 2 months

Probably have a surge of hippo meat

Thomas 2 months

No natural predators or dangerous environments explain why they multiply so rapidly. No chance they can be trapped and sent to zoos?

PappaOwl 2 months

Open season?

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