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Trump revokes 5-year lobbying ban for administration officials

Trump revokes 5-year lobbying ban for administration officials

Hours before he leaves office, President Trump signed an executive order lifting a five-year lobbying ban for members of his administration. The order nullifies an ethics pledge made by all members of his admin that would have required them to adhere to a five-year cooling-off period before engaging in lobbying services.

Tom A
Tom A
Joseph 4 months

Of course this is quietly slid in at the end. A perfect cap on a hypocritical administration. Still won't ring clear with any supporters that this was designed to enrich only those in power.

steve 4 months

It can’t be! Trump lied?? Not possible. A swamp rat when he rode in. A swamp rat to the end.

Alex10 4 months

This man baby grew the swamp

Matt 4 months

The fruit isn't low enough, so nobody is grabbing it. Par for the people on this news aggregator. zzzZZZzzz ...

random Rage
random Rage 4 months

Pretty swampy considering his anti corruption rhetoric

Hayden 4 months

Where are all the commenters denying/justifying this?

Dana 4 months

Filling the swamp

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 4 months

Couldn't resist adding more to that swamp he talked about so often

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

How else will you control biden?

Martin Frid
Martin Frid 4 months

So at worst this makes him no better than everyone else. lol

Mike 4 months

Explain that to me, Trump cult.

Doug 4 months

Last dump in the sewer (:-(

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