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Biden to rejoin Paris climate agreement and WHO on first day as US president

Biden to rejoin Paris climate agreement and WHO on first day as US president

Joe Biden plans to issue a number of executive orders after taking oath as the 46th US president Wednesday. Many will overturn the decisions taken by Donald Trump’s administration. Reports said one of Biden’s first acts as president would be to rejoin to the Paris climate deal, which Trump withdrew from in 2017. Biden is also expected to overturn Trump’s migrant policies and rejoin the WHO.

Viviko 2 months

You mean that agreement that let countries set vague unmeasurable goals to save face while actually doing nothing? Okay. I guess saving face is very important.

Bart 2 months

Congratulations USA, all your manufacturing jobs can now go back to China, rejoice as most of your cities turn into either New York or Detroit.

Ian.. 2 months

Yikes. . . the Paris Climate agreement was nothing but a waste of exorbitant amounts of money that showed no results. He's obviously just doing this to virtue signal to his base. If he cared about results he wouldn't rejoin because the data shows it made no difference.

Alex 2 months

Biden making sure the Trillions of profits his Masters will make with Carbon Trading and "green investments" are safe... 🙄

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

All the carbon tax Canada has paid as part of the Paris agreement has amounted to zero change other than less money in our pockets. I expect the same will come true for the US.

Yosef 2 months

I think Biden should be focused more on biodiversity than on climate change, as the latter is less important and pressing of an environmental issue than the former, so far as I'm concerned. Climate change has been around ever since Earth got started over 4.5 billion years ago.

Aaron 2 months

All the swamp draining has LEFT our public servants in the democrat and some in the republican party a little thin in the wallet. Need some money laundering with the climate cr#pform.

Something Witty
Something Witty 2 months

Horrible idea. With the coming economic fall due to a shit down economy and the government, it is a bad idea to shackle your energy industries. This is not going to go well.

Marvin 2 months


Hadrien 2 months


S 2 months

Just as China commanded. Biden is a loyal servant

Robo 2 months

Pure evil.

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