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Mike Pompeo hits out at ’woke-ism’ in last day as Trump’s top diplomat

Mike Pompeo hits out at ’woke-ism’ in last day as Trump’s top diplomat

In his last day as the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo lashed out at progressive identity politics. Taking to Twitter, Pompeo said: ’Woke-ism, multiculturalism, all the -isms – they’re not who America is. They distort our glorious founding and what this country is all about.’ Pompeo asserted that enemies exploit such things to make America weaker and push the country towards authoritarianism.

AgentStepford 2 months

“Censorship, wokeness, political correctness, it all points in one direction — authoritarianism, cloaked as moral righteousness,” he wrote. So, let me see... An inclusive, socially sensitive society is... an immoral and authoritarian society...? I am SO happy this Zealot is gone. He and Pence, and the lot of the Center for National Policy's Trump Administration weirdos, give spirituality a very bad name, and they were super happy to be at the helm for End Days. Holey Toledo, Batman, we dodged a bullet. Or WWIII.

Tiggs 2 months

A fitting speach for Pompeo (ref to NY Post article "wokeism" ) as he exits office, it shows to the world how ignorant, calloused and devisive he is. A person like him should not be in charge of sharp scissors nevermind hold the title of US Secretary of State. 🤦‍♀️SMH.

michael 2 months

I don't mind insulting wokism, but the moment you demonize multiculturalism you reveal yourself to be a racist xenophobe.

MIDESSA 2 months

Worse sec of state to bookend with worse president for our historical archives now cause they are GONE!!!

geckouni 2 months

Master of distortion he is. It was a dark time for USA. Fortunately and hopefully it is over. Let’s say.. USA needs to reconnect back to the world and double up the good work for 4 years of lost time and damages.

earl 2 months

Public school taught me that america was founded on principles like multiculturalism and diversity. That's how america became the hub of business and entertainment so quickly - a wide and varied net to draw from. Not like say, a nordic country, where everybody is the same guy.

Seekster 2 months

Well credit for calling out evil.

billy 2 months

gettin cute during the last 15 minutes he’ll ever have! Enjoy polishing don’s knob, like every other dil-do on this app

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

L_o_s_e_r to Infinity

Djedhi Scribe
Djedhi Scribe 2 months

Amerikkka is on fire and Jim Crow Joe brought marshmallows.

William 2 months

PS. To the yard talking about WWIII bought and paid for Biden will divide the country to the extent that we are now a non factor, America was a great country, then we allowed our own political parties to divide us,... America is dead, the political parties and the media/propaganda machine has Divided this country beyond repair. That's why our military has been preparing for a war from within for the last 15 years, they train with local authorities, they being delta force, Rangers etc.... but hey there is no income inequality, and naw immigration isn't a problem, and naw socialist/ Muslim nation's don't hate us, and no they haven't been infiltrated our government, wake the fudge up, even the Catholic Church has come out against America "Capitalism is Donkey 🐎 💩 Du"g" per the Pope. Bye bye America... the end is near.

William 2 months

The Truth is a good thing. It can however be very painful.

steve 2 months

Just another pinhead destined for the dustbin. The most unimpressive member of the most dysfunctional and unaccomplished administration in history.

Arthur 2 months

Thats right woke people ignore what pooh bear does!

Fadel Moon
Fadel Moon 2 months

Who talking we mr cheat,lie and steal

Randall 2 months

Pompeo is a walking penis.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 2 months

Wokeness destroys literally everything it touches. Change my mind.

Randall 2 months

Bye-bye, Mikey.

Randy 2 months

Too little, too late.

Ben 2 months

I wonder if anybody told him about the capitol insurrection yet

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