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Black people getting fewer Covid-19 jabs than white people in US: Study

Black people getting fewer Covid-19 jabs than white people in US: Study

A Kaiser Health News study has revealed that black Americans are receiving fewer Covid-19 vaccinations than white Americans, in at least 16 states. In the 16 states that released data by race, it was seen that white residents got the vaccine at significantly higher rates than black residents. In Pennsylvania, the discrepancy was a staggering 1.3% to 0.3% in favor of white residents.

Matt 4 months

This article is kinda race-baiting. It's tells us the majority of people that have had at least one shot are front-line people. Might be shocking to hear that half of us are white. On percentages, 3% have had at least one shot. 16 states report the race of the recipient. 1.2% vs 0.3% is statistically insignificant. What is the ratio of white to black front-line workers? That would be important to establishing facts. There's not enough data presented in this article to draw a conclusion, but they do it loosely anyway. What about the other races? Or is continuing the white vs black divide just better for the ad revenue? Journalism needs to be better. This wasn't news. It's not even conclusive. What a bunch of nothing to see.

Bart 4 months

You give it first to Black people - racist. You give it first to white people - racist. You give it to them both at the same time - racist. The disparity is literally in single digit percentage, borderline human error levels of disparity. God, calm down leftists.

IvoryDove 4 months

I'll be happy to give my vaccine dose to a "poor person of non-white color" as long as I'm exempt from the liability when they get a stroke.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 months

Atlas Thank you! I’m noticed that the “stories” spoke of color and wealth but didn’t mention the demographic that actually matters, age. Nice to know it’s the same old MSM.

TomandDaydie 4 months

The black preachers in the pittsburgh pa area are saying the blacks in there congregations are refusing to git the vaccine. This story is not close to be accurate. I also have a white daughter who is a nurse that does not plan to git vaccinated. I am a 65 year old white male and have no plans to git the vaccine. I have no problem wearing a mask in public but I don't trust the shot. Free country free choice.

Joshua 4 months

Maybe blacks aren't as gullible as whites when it comes to lining up in herds to get a vaccine that has no long term testing and prevents a disease that has a higher than 99% survival rate.

Jackson 4 months

A lot of black people are not comfortable with getting a shot from the US government, as they've had a history of being non consentualy experimented on

Colin715 4 months

There’s a racial and wealth disparity in everything if you look hard enough, you just have to squint really hard sometimes.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 4 months

The American way

michael 4 months

Even if they were voluntarily skipping the jab due to not trusting it (who could blame them, the way we treat them), that's still a huge problem. They are getting hit with covid harder because of inherited injustice, and now they aren't even going to be as protected.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 4 months

They're missing the mindset: black Americans dont trust the vaccine.

david dindu
david dindu 4 months

Tuskegee effect

Marvin Jones
Marvin Jones 4 months

Ill be the first to support BLM but this is a stupid article. Ofc the stats will be skewed bc thats the way the population is. Lets just focus on getting vaccines to lower income people, the bracket thats hurting the most

PappaOwl 4 months

Less instead of lesser in the title?

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 months

America can never win

Rational ific
Rational ific 4 months

Go ahead. You can take my shot.

Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 4 months

The vaccine is all a North Korean government ploy to get us to shoot our citizens full of a mind degrading agent so they can swoop in with the Russians to take over America, or at least that's what I heard on my local AM Radio program that airs at 315 in the morning.

Something Witty
Something Witty 4 months

Personal choice? Ages? Is this factoring in these elements? Because as I recall, the vaccine is being given out in stages.

Glen 4 months

Stoking the race card is what the media does.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 4 months

Could it be because 76% of americans are white and only 13% are black? Did they take into account demographics?

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