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Trump left him a ’very generous letter,’ says Biden

Trump left him a ’very generous letter,’ says Biden

President Biden said Wednesday that former President Trump left him a ’very generous letter’ in the White House. Biden, speaking from the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, said he would not immediately reveal the contents of the letter out of respect for Trump. ’Because it was private, I will not talk about it until I talk to him, but it was generous,’ he said.

Viviko 1 months

Dear POTUS, We face a tricky situation. Trespassers, criminals, and disease spreading animals have threatened to invade the capitol in January 6th. As a responsible President, I have signed an executive order to build big beautiful wall around the capitol. I entrust that you will see through the completion of this wall for the safety and security of our country. No one should be able to climb this wall. We can have a little door for people to visit. But other that that, there shall be no holes. Capitol fist! - Donald J Trump

Patrick 1 months

"Dear POTUS, don't tear down the wall please, it's making a really really great teeter totter for the kids. Also, you really should look into that Hunter Biden scandal. There's something there, I just know it. And those voting machines. We know they are so corrupt. It just shouldn't have happened. Stop by the Mari Lago some time! I look forward to it."

William 0 months

PS . Please notice that the little puppet is wearing a mask to read and sign letters just like he is ORDERED to do...Fing puppet.... America is fn screwed.... insert tears 😭

Josh 0 months

Wow. Civility. Please do more if this, Joe. Can you teach the rest of your people to do this as well?

Conundrumb 0 months

I think it said "I wish you luck as you lead an effective strategy to mobilize trunalimunumaprzure"

Rafael 0 months

No william you're the one that's screwed. YoYou've been screwed for four years.

Brennan 0 months

Dear Sleepy Joe, I'm writing this but hope you aren't too senile to read yet, so if you can read this is what I have to say. You need to pull your big boy pants up and make calls for yourself and not be just a face and puppet, don't let your vp make all the calls, stand up for yourself champ. Also your friend Xi, he is not your friend even though you both have friendship bracelets, he is just using you and is just a school yard bully. Your other friend Pelosi is also not your friend and will remove you from office to get your vp in your spot, when this happens fight like the big boy you are. In conclusion be a big boy and stand up for yourself Sleepy Joe and don't mess things up too bad. Not so sincerely, Donald J. Trump

Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson 0 months

Given the comments, unity is not in the cards. Sorry POTUS.

Archaeologistic 0 months

"Yo Dawg, I heard you like POTUS, so I POTUSED in your POTUS so your POTUS has POTUS POTUS."

Natasha 0 months

Lol the letter says "Joe, you know I won" it's out there for and posted for people to see. Biden is such a liar, a common characteristic among politicians.

Pat 0 months

Glad to hear Trump has done this. It washed the right thing to do.

michael 0 months

Too bad trump didn't leave a vaccine distribution plan.

Nicholas Gears
Nicholas Gears 0 months

Dear POTUS, Here's how you draw that cool S thing people do | | | | | | -45th President, Donald J. Trump xoxo

Rafael 0 months

Lee Kay trump aint coming back he's got to pay for his crimes.

Just Chillin
Just Chillin 0 months

I see the trolls have destroyed this platform as well

Forsaken 0 months

it was a picture drawn with a sharpie.

Forsaken 0 months

yeah right, if its polite then Trump didn't write it.

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 0 months

Sounds like Trump!

Iam 0 months

Won't have to worry about Biden, Harris will have him removed before summer.

Canna 0 months

It's nice to see some class coming outta the white house again.

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