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’No time to waste’ on agenda, says Joe Biden in first tweet as president

’No time to waste’ on agenda, says Joe Biden in first tweet as president

President Joe Biden, in his first tweet as president of the US from the @POTUS account said that there was no time to waste ’when it comes to tackling the crises we face.’ The President further said that he would be heading to the Oval Office ’to get right to work delivering bold action and immediate relief for American families.’ Biden will reportedly sign 17 executive orders on his first day.

Tom A
Tom A
Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

Aka, I'm gonna do nothing, eventually bail out corporate America and democratic states, then kill jobs and energy independence and continue doing nothing.

Allen 2 months

How 'bout health care? That's what we need, always. Not just during the pandemic. Health care, please.

neptune1bond 2 months

We know it's not really Biden, because if it had really been him then it probably would've said something like, "Help me! I'm trapped in a room and I've forgotten where I am. The lights are off and I keep bumping into walls." Or... "What was my name again? They keep telling me to sign papers to send money to China and I'm not sure what name to put." Or... "I've forgotten how to wear pants, so I just put them on my head. Weeee!" Or... "President Harris told me to go back to my basement till they need me for another photo op. I'm bored and nobody gave me crayons." I'm sure as the dementia gets worse we'll see less and less of the president and see more and more tweets.

Sherri 2 months

Loving these trumpist comments that read like they should have been written to the hamberder King. Will be nice to see sports teams actually consider it an honor to have an invite to the Whitehouse again.

jon 2 months

Translation into non-BS: "We're going to ram in as many of our radical agendas as possible to make this country a "progrrssive" hellhole, and make sure I seem really energetic doing it, even though I'm probably asleep in the Oval Office and my staffers are doing all the heavy lifting."

Blarpus 2 months

Oof, meanwhile Trump was busy revoking his ban on former officials being lobbyists. what was that about draining the swamp again? how does it feel to be conned by the most obvious snake oil salesman of all time maggats?

Unity.Nat 2 months

Looks like Biden's aids are already sending out tweets

Matt 2 months

Too many complete sentences that's not Biden

Doug 2 months

A tweet that coherent? Somebody else wrote it.

Matthew 2 months

“Biden will also review the readiness of military troops, according to the office of the president. Each branch of the military will be represented at the event Wednesday.” Can anybody elaborate on this because I don’t want to make false claims or assumptions?

MrBlueSky 2 months

Now its the retrumplicans turn to be haters!

Joseph 2 months

Says his team*

Viviko 2 months

Okay. Why is this news?

Benjamin 2 months

And then he'll take a nice nap and maybe do some more work after dinner.

Arend 2 months

A call to action, thats dangerous as a usa president. He should get deleted asap /s

_tallman 2 months

"there's no time to waste, except the next 4 years"

Leonard 2 months

The question is: who wrote it?

Asher 2 months

Tell him to bring me money

Doug 2 months

Corruption waits for no one.

chris 2 months

2k checks now, isn't that how Biden won Georgia.

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