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Anti-Biden protesters turn violent in Oregon’s Portland, damage Democratic HQ

Anti-Biden protesters turn violent in Oregon’s Portland, damage Democratic HQ

A group of around 150 protesters carrying anti-President Joe Biden and chanting ’We don’t want Biden, we want revenge!’ in Portland, Oregon damaged the state headquarters of the Democratic Party, police said. The group smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols on building. The protesters were also carrying anti-police signs surrounded officers and threw objects at them.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Oh no, someone must have incited this seditious activity. Quick call the National Guard. Ted Wheeler can do that now that the evil Orange has been vanquished.

Goi 2 months

LoL. Anti-Biden protestors.... in Oregon, Portland eh? Boy... the honeymoon was quick and already heading for divorce eh? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

I thought the left said all that violence was continuing because of Trump calling in the Fed's. Trump is gone. The feds are gone, but he violence continues. If only someone had warned the gullible dems. (We did, but CNN didn't play it so they remain ignorant.).

Matt 2 months

If they claim to want revenge, that's a threat. The second they get violent after claiming so, they should be arrested and actually charged, then barred from public displays. It's like peeling an onion to see its layers. Forever, this mob would have been the communists, anarchists, and leftists (blm/antifa/intersectional wokeness types). But when the latter stays home, the extremists remain. Every colluded mob does this. At least now we can more cleanly identify the extremists, without regular activists becoming targets.

Mutatis 2 months

Apparently they sent those 24k+ national guard to the wrong city.

John 2 months

"Anti-Biden protesters" it is incredible to me that they still won't say antifa. Listen to the rhetoric, they aren't "right wing extremists". They're the same left wing antifa wackos that burned down Portland all last year, and who's bail the biden campaign helped pay.

Lisa 2 months

This makes them mad? Just think how mad they would have been if Trump was still President. They are a brainless party-less mob who need to keep rioting because that's how they make a living. These people will be labeled 'Trump Supporters' to continue to push the notion that conservatives are violent.

Omega 2 months

People are still amped up after years of divisive rhetoric. It's not going to quiet down immediately. I hope all, or at least most of the destructive individuals were arrested. If anything, I hope protests will become peaceful again, without loss of life and property damage soon.

Rational ific
Rational ific 2 months

Trump's white supremacist army? Nope, just Portland.

Chris 2 months

What I would like to see is this riot treated like the riot on 1/6, but in mainstream media didn't seem to cover this story. The punishment the 1/6 rioters are facing should be the same for the people rioting in Portland!

Robyn 2 months

Hey Portland, get yo crazies sorted! Lol

Bob 2 months

Why is the media still struggling to write 'Far-Left protesters' in the headlines? They have no problems using Far-Right on everything from the militias to your basic Republican grandfather with an American flag on his pickup.

Bill 2 months

Oh no it’s an insurrection. Oh nevermind I forgot when leftist riot and destroy, its stunning and brave! Pay no attention to the man behind the MSM.

Rebeca 2 months

Just a bunch of embittered Marianne Williamson supporters. They can always defect to North Korea.

Custodio 2 months

Denial is apparently going to be with us for a while longer. Sadly, a few ardent Supporters of the Orange traitor, (I refuse to ever mention its name) continue dropping Conspiracy theories once they don’t pan out, for new ones. Even in the mist of such Gullibility there were those who read the writing on the wall & awoke to the realization that they were duped. It’s never an easy thing to accept but at the very least, one becomes a bit more guarded the next time someone flaunts a Conspiracy theory in their faces. The fact is that these threats open Our eyes to the fact that democracy is a fragile thing. We must be ever vigilant to the possibility that there are those so hungry for power that they do all sorts of research to find the triggers which will spark the sort of reaction We witnessed on 1/6/21 by Our own citizens. Well, We’re suppose to all be better than that. Judging one by the Color of their skin, their sexual orientation, their political affiliation, their gender, their ethnicity, etc. These are the issues they employ to stir division to separate us from love ones, friends, family, acquaintances, etc. We need to let this infantile behavior go. Grownups judge others strictly by the content of their character & nothing else. Why... Because We’re not just black or white, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, believers or non-believers, man or woman, etc. When all is said & done, We’re all Americans !!!

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

They do nothing to stop this so that it will continue long enough for the public to support martial law and military deployment within the country. Wait for it...

Pryotra 2 months

Cool. We've just had 6 months of precedent saying that this state government sees this as acceptable behavior. So keep going I guess, because I sure as hell am not going to back a federal government that refuses to hear its people, and this state government seems fine with these antics. Stup¡d games, meet Stup¡d prizes.

Brutus 2 months

Wait so the media supported them when they were Anti-Trump but no longer do because they are Anti-Biden. It’s the same exact Antifa members who have been rioting for the past 7-8 months

Josh 2 months

Progressive Liberalism is a disease

170K 2 months

They are Antifa don't change their name just because they don't like Biden after all they helped get him elected

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