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Biden cancels permit for Keystone XL pipeline, effectively kills project

Biden cancels permit for Keystone XL pipeline, effectively kills project

President Joe Biden has revoked the permit for the 1,200-mile (around 1931-kilometer) Keystone XL oil pipeline. The project is now effectively dead. The previous Donald Trump administration sought to lift curbs on environmentally sensitive projects in favor of industries. Trump had revived the mothballed Keystone XL and the Dakota Access pipeline projects in his first few days in office.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 4 months

Did you notice the price at the pump as soon as he said that he was going to kill it? So I guess this means more money and reliance on our Saudi "friends". Get Hunter a board position there.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 months

Another blow to the US economy right off the bat. Unemployment will keep going up. Well you guys wanted to see the destruction of this country here we go

Josh 4 months

Biden has been President for once day. Gas prices are already up 10%. Get ready folks. This is clearly the beginning of the Carter.....I mean Biddn era. #WorstPresidentEver

Glen 4 months

Government back in control and the people lose again. You will rarely see Joe Biden have press conferences and he will rarely take questions. The people will never know where he stands.

HotRod 4 months

Go check out the gas prices today! Great job lefties! You got what you wanted. Enjoy thunderdome!

Highlander 4 months

The American people have seriously screwed themselves. 1 day and Biden has already damaged the economy. He has stopped any further wall building all thus allowing illegal immigrants to continue crossing the border in the middle if a world wide pandemic. Hef has rejoined the Paris climate accord meaning a load more expense for the American people. He will grant amnesty to illegals already in the country meaning he will flood the job market will millions more people thus pushing up unemployment by millions overnight. The moron is a disaster on his first day.

Glen 4 months

The big difference between Biden and Trump. One believes that government should control the people, the other believes the people should control government.

Matt 4 months

Didn't just kill the pipeline but a cleaner way to transport the oil and screwed over a bunch of workers it was an absolutely amazing move

MrLoseddos 4 months

Here we go. I can't for my life understand why you would vote for Biden. No matter how you feel about Trump. I mean. c'mon man!

Randall 4 months

We don't need another oil pipeline. Gas prices are artificially inflated. Manufacturers make tons of profits already. It's due time we find alternative energy and increase efficiency. If gasoline was $10/gallon you guys would probably use a more efficient vehicle and drive much less. We cannot continue to dump carbon dioxide into our atmosphere at the current rate without terrible consequences to all life on Earth. Gas guzzling is a thing of the past. The Vapor Fuel System (Shell Oil Company, 1980) can achieve 1000 mpg. Climate change is not a hoax. Remember CFC's?

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

He realizes this is an upgrade to an existing pipeline right?

TheMadDane 4 months

Sounds like something a dictator would do. Nah that can't be true.

Bill 4 months

I said this would happen. I was called melodramatic by some leftist on this app. Just wanted to childishly say U, U, I was right.

hugh 4 months

So f Canada?

Arthur 4 months

People need energy not political ploys! Cali cannot even generate enough electricity to power homes let alone cars and homes!

Gordon 4 months

Say goodbye to low gas prices. Thanks Joe.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 months

And just like that my local gas station just went up 20 cents by the summer 5 dollar a gallon thanks leftist

Bernice 4 months

Haven’t they started the project? How much did it cost and who lost money?

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