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SCOTUS grapples with dispute over Baltimore climate suit

SCOTUS grapples with dispute over Baltimore climate suit

The United States Supreme Court grappled with a dispute that one justice called a ’close call’ over a lawsuit filed by the city of Baltimore. The lawsuit has been filed against energy companies who are seeking monetary damages due to the impact of global climate change. 21 U.S. and foreign energy companies that extract, produce, distribute or sell fossil fuels were targeted by Maryland city.

Tom A
Tom A
GreenMachine 2 months

1. There is a far not legitimate claim that since the impact of global warming stretched fat beyond Maryland's border, some would say globally, that this is a federal issue. 2. This could set a dangerous precedent. If MBaltimore can sue over the effects of global warming causes by these companies, can residents sue Baltimore for most home value due to crime?

Doug 2 months

The only thing SCOTUS is grappling with is how to make their ruling as lukewarm, generic, and inoffensive as possible. So sad to see such spineless people.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 months

The Court has lost its way and its reasoning.

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