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Morbo 0 months

What about Twitter's role in BLM riots or Facebooks role in Antifas attacks? No thought not. The lefts tagline should read, violience only acceptable when we do it!

Got Truth
Got Truth 0 months

The United Communists of the United States. It only going to get worse from here. Dems have zero interest in unification.

Matt 0 months

I don't dislike Russia or the Russian people. I think we can work together, and through stronger bonds, the people of both countries will not accept government behaviors that force either peoples into impossible situations. All that is to say I think we should get closer to them, and we should be listening to each other more. This is the way it should always be, even between warring nations. Peace and prosperity has to be the agreement. Otherwise politicians can take companies they don't like and ask our agencies to spend our money to determine if there is away to silence us without being held accountable for violating our rights. Hold them accountable.

Osuror 0 months

What about Twitter's tolerance of pedophilia?

Paschal 0 months

Should be looking at Facebook and Twitter for that.

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