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Graham hopes Trump stays ’leader’ of GOP

Graham hopes Trump stays ’leader’ of GOP

Sen. Graham on Wednesday warned fellow Republicans that if they try to ’erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re going to get erased.’ Graham added that he hoped Trump does not form an alternative party, adding that he would like to see him ’stay the leader of the Republican Party.’ ’I hope President Trump understands that his legacy and his best future lies with the Republican Party,’ he said.

Jon 2 months

Can't wait for Trump to start his own party and cause Republicans to lose elections for decades to come 🤣😭😭. Have fun cultists.

steve 2 months

Too late. Trump has already been erased. Perhaps he can form his own party. I’d call it the Trumpvangelicals. He can charge an entry fee! Perhaps a free bottle of Trump Wine or a a juicy Trump Steak if you join now? Maybe reduced tuition at Trump University? It’s perfect! Trump can continue to pretend to be a Christian and a conservative. His followers can continue to pretend to be patriots.

Dorien 2 months

It’s time to remove Lindsey Graham from the Senate. Theomantie lost his mind and his re-election was a very corrupt action for sure.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 2 months

Sure whatever bootlicking slime

David 2 months

Republicans need to wake up. If Trump starts his new party, it will draw away half of their ranks. Two half sized parties against one full sized and growing Democratic Party. Who do you think will win every major election once that happens? Trump must be stopped.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 2 months

if progressives break off from the Dems and make a populist left party, and Trump makes his own party that would be super interesting

Frank 2 months

This guy can’t even make his own mind up! He’s a coward that kisses trumps ass. Grow some balls Senator.

Tech Leprechaun
Tech Leprechaun 2 months

Graham may be a bootlicker, but he's a smart one. He and Cruz both know that the RINOs are a dying breed. Kudos on him for going on record with this. Trump had a good influence on him, gave him some spine.

Beryl 2 months

I told Lindsey Graham that he cannot be trusted. I told him that he talks on both sides of his face and that he is “the flip-floppiest” man that was ever in Congress. He is weak and he is a man that will anything to stay in any kind of dark spotlight he can. Trump is the dark spotlight and Graham’s political boyfriend. Graham is pitiful and cheap.

Rafael 2 months

Graham needs to shut the hell up he's been stirring things up for too long.

scientist 2 months

Someone's afraid of backlash...

John 2 months

Republicans claim to be patriotic country loving people this couldn’t be farther from the truth

Randall 2 months

This is why Trump needs to be impeached.

Doug 2 months

Tangentially related links - not a single story with interchangeable titles! - from rightwing Breitbart, Western Journal, IJR, Fox News. #NewsvoiceFail

Aaron 2 months

Pretty sure trump runs your party bud

Mozgus 2 months

He would know. That's exactly what HE did.

Aleks 2 months

This man word is not worth much.

Forsaken 2 months

I hope he does too than the Republicans will never see the oval office again

Viviko 2 months

Trump’s political history is actually really interesting. He already ran as part of an alternative “Reform” Party back in 2000. But, I guess running as a third party was a hard path to the White House. So, I guess hijacking an existing party would have been better. But, given his cult following now, winning another term as a third party doesn’t sound too crazy. I would still have preferred Ross Perot over Trump though.

Charles 2 months

If GOP doesn’t get it together soon, the party’s days are numbered

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