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Biden’s gender-identity order triggers mixed reactions in many Americans

Biden’s gender-identity order triggers mixed reactions in many Americans

President Joe Biden’s executive order on preventing/combating gender discrimination has triggered outrage among sections of Americans. They said it would make a must for schools to allow transgender females to compete in girls’ sports where trans female athletes have physical advantages. However, LGBTQ groups have welcomed it. They say children shouldn’t worry if they can compete in sports or not.

AW1990 2 months

If they taught anatomy in schools we wouldn't even have to debate the advantage trans women have in female sports. For anyone who thinks their is no difference, i encourage you to research the differences between the male and female bone structure, in particular the angle of the clavicle and the size of the pelvis, and the impact they have on the movement of the human body. You can change hormones and super facial features all you want, but the kinetic advantage men have over women is at the bone level, and good luck changing that!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Anyone remember back in the eighties when movies used to make fun of the East German women's Olympic team which were made up of men in females clothes? That's not comedy anymore it's a documentary.

michael 2 months

I consider myself an ally, but when it comes to sports there just actually are physical differences in muscle mass. Allowing trans girls to compete against cis girls is like allowing steroids.

Iam 2 months

Physically, men and women, are different, just because someone believes themselves to be the opposite sex doesn't make it so. This will always end badly.

GreenMachine 2 months

So first female VP but gender is malleable. So if Dick Chaney says he's a woman would that make him the first female VP?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

So men are allowed to beat women how progressive. A DNA test will 100% come up you are a man no matter how many surgical procedures you have. Men have more dense bone structures, more muscle mass, faster, more agility, more stamina. Look up the mma fight where the so called female fought the female and in 1 knee broke her eye socket and fractured her skull. She has fought her entire life and said she's never been hit that hard ever.

MyVoice 2 months

I didn’t expect biden a church goer to fall for this. Looks like his worship is a fraud.

Foy 2 months

He's essentially made 'woman' a meaningless word. Hope you real women who voted for Biden enjoy no longer having protections as a woman. This will probably be removed eventually but not after some very unfortunate things happening to women as a catalyst for returning to sanity. Sorry ladies.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the Guardian article, the argument against this is "it's unfair competition for the female athletes" and the argument for it is "the trans athletes want to"?

Frank 2 months

Great way to make sports unattractive for anyone. Boring. Make transgender leagues. Trans boys vs trans girls. That would be fair and fun for all involved. Until being trans stops being a fad.

Seekster 2 months

Shame for female athletes. Shame on the country for reinforcing the delusions of people with gender disphoria.

Got Truth
Got Truth 2 months

Biden wants Men to be the best in Women's sports. This is no problem cause women of of left fully support this move. As a father of two girls, I feel bad for all women athletes. This is a big step back.

Pryotra 2 months

Literally telling girls that they're not good enough to be in sports, and forcing them to play with males. Just because you believe that you are secretly a 300y/o fairy princess doesn't stop the reality of being a teenage boy with hormones helping your body to develop into what you truly are. Good job LGBT crowd. Way to promote division!

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 months

How is this garbage getting into law? There is no argument here. The core premise is that there is no difference between men and women and thus it doesn't matter. If there is no difference, then why do trans people need to transition? They're already the same.

D 2 months

Lets help you out here Biden. One is born a Male or a Female. Bam, blew you mind.

Xavier 2 months

There was a trans girl that competed in men’s wrestling. I remember The Youtuber Blair White was canceled bc she purposefully made it appear that the girl was wrestling biological female opponents (and is still losing subscribers almost a year later and hasn’t recovered). I imagine this will be a parallel example of sensitive people getting upset but the ordeal does overwhelming good for the kids. Sure there’s bound to be a few outlier negative instances but this really isn’t something to get triggered over.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 2 months

Destroying women's sports and calling it empowerment is the say thing as calling slavery freedom. Critical Theory doublespeak. Nothing more than Leninism 4.0 and a rebranding of the Great Leap Forward.

Scrum Master
Scrum Master 2 months

I'm for inclusion, but I do feel that trans folk should have to compete against the same people that are on their level. Maybe this can be resolved by some kind of physical test, that can make sure cis gendered or trans gendered people don't have an outright advantage. Though I suppose that could be difficult to implement.

Jon 2 months

The issue has nothing to do with which gender the trans athletes identify as. The issue is that little girls want to be able to compete, but putting them in competition with the boys in "general" sports is a bad recipe, so protected spaces were made. The spaces aren't for "identifying as girls". They are for "not being unfairly crushed by physiologically superior athletes". It shouldn't be hard to see what to do.

Glen 2 months

If you're abnormal, Biden supports you.

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