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Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19

Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19

Dave Chappelle is quarantining after testing positive for COVID-19. Chappelle was supposed to perform in Austin, but following the diagnosis, has decided to cancel his remaining show dates at a venue in the city. Chappelle had been holding socially-distanced shows in Ohio since June of last year. Fans with tickets to the shows can contact their point of purchase for refunds.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Get well Dave, you funny and cringy MF'er. When you say the N word in your sets, I laugh and then question whether I'm "allowed" to laugh. It is kind of an unpleasant feeling TBH.

JoeSchmo 0 months

Irony Dave Chappelle on one of his recent Netflix specials said “thank god for Covid” Viruses don’t discriminate

Joseph McHugh
Joseph McHugh 0 months

Damn you Covid! You've gone too far!

Montgomery 0 months

RIP he had a good run

MrLoseddos 0 months

Jussie Smouliet!!! Get well Dave.

Seekster 0 months

No not Dave!

Matt 0 months

Hope he's alright and gets past it without any issues he's easily one of funniest comedians still around

earl 0 months

We love you dave!

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 0 months

Hope he gets well. One of the most down to earth entertainers alive.

MrWizard 0 months

He'll live. Get well soon, Chapelle.

Eric 0 months

Now that Biden’s in office there are bigger issues, so says his cabinet.

Fred V
Fred V 0 months

This is not news

edwardo 0 months

Who cares.

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