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Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

Better prepare yourselves to pay $6.50/gallon of gas on a good day. Remember this, fraudulently or otherwise, you voted for this.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

And will cripple the economy and cost the middle class enormous amount of money. Gas prices will be double if not triple this summer way 2 go oh and hyper inflation by the end of summer oh boy can't wait.

D 0 months

Yep, leave it up to the demps to make everyone poor and dependent. Except for the elite.

Hannibal 0 months

Invest in oil companies boys. Remember, the rubes will feel good about themselves "saving" the planet until oil starts hitting $100 a barrel. Then when they feel the pain they'll wise up. Oil was still king even under chocolate Jesus when he tried killing it with bribes and mandates for his green energy cronies. Thanks China Joe, you're making me rich!

Punker 0 months

So, the US is back respecting the Paris agreements they signed before breaking their word. Yes, 4 yers of delays, on top of the existing 30 years of delays and denial would hurt your country as well as other countries. US has allready put 25% of the garbage present in the atmosphere. Time to take responsability for the mess you are part of, isn't that the conservative message?!

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 0 months

Read as: get ready to pay more for everything energy related

JoeSchmo 0 months

Want to be taken seriously? Double tax credits for electric vehicles

Jon 0 months

Welfare for EVERYBODY!

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