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Iran’s Supreme Leader issues threat against Trump

Iran’s Supreme Leader issues threat against Trump

Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei tweeted an image that appeared to threaten former US president Trump. The image showed the likeness of Trump on the golf course being targeted by a drone flying overhead. ’Revenge is definite,’ a caption read. Twitter said the tweet had violated the company’s ’abusive behavior policy’ and its ’manipulation and spam policy,’ going on to suspend Khamenei’s account.

jon 3 months

Notice the coward only did it *after* Trump was no longer able to direct a strike eliminating him or institute harsher sanctions on Iran. Expect a lot more Iranian flexing and posturing under the Hair Sniffer in Chief's tenure. The world's dictators and terrorists recognize a wet noodle when they see one.

mskrn 3 months

Let’s switch this around. What if they did that with a picture of Obama? Check yourself if your answer is any different.

Martin 3 months

People offended by a picture while trump and previous american governments actually drone and bomb up the middle east. Trump's responsible for sanctions and killing one of their highest generals.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 months

'Abusive behavior'? 'Manipulation and spam'? Is that what Twitter calls direct threats to our former president? Did it not even trigger their 'violence' algorithms?

Shawn 3 months

Revenge? For what?! It’s the democrats that needs war to survive. Trump was j chill on the war bs. Unlike this nimrod Biden. Already sending troops over and we lost 65,000 jobs the same day. Wow... Biden sure is amazing 🤦‍♂️

Edward 3 months

Looks like Twitter is attempting to appear even-handed after banning Trump. Explains the recent suspension of the Chinese foreign minister too.

IvoryDove 3 months

Interesting twist using the shadow of the stealth drone that Obama gave to Iran (there's no way they commandeered that drone... It's literally impossible).

Andres 3 months

I might hate the Cheeto colored turd, but the last thing we need is to make him a martyr. I prefer he lives a long life as a loser and a pariah instead of this.

Aiden 3 months

I absolutely despise Trump, but this is unacceptable. Any threat against a government official, whether they are in or out should be taken very seriously. The government should act swiftly in order to resolve this.

Viviko 3 months

Guys. Don’t worry. Twitter will suspend his account for violence and violating their terms.

Rational ific
Rational ific 3 months

Twitter feels that it can pretend to be "even-handed" by blocking both Trump and Khamenei. Keep pretending, Twitter. I'm not buying it.

Md Mahabub
Md Mahabub 3 months

The account wasn’t his. It was a fake account that was banned.

Doug 3 months

Iran lies so much that no one pays attention to them anymore. When the USS Vincennes shor down down an Iranian airliner, Iran actually tried to assassinate the wife of the captain of the ship. They botched it so badly that they never tried anything like that since.

Rafael 3 months

You reptards talk about biden but you don't mention how trump is working for putin. Thats called treason.

Thomas Mason
Thomas Mason 3 months

Let me guess, he still has a Twitter account...

Dev 3 months

Change this misleading title

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 3 months

Wait, wait, wait I never knew religious fanatics were so good at throwing shade double entendre, pun intended

con-spiracy lover
con-spiracy lover 3 months

I hope there is a live feed lol and it was then that the nation found out that tRumps blood is also orange

Jon 3 months

Oh, NOW Twitter notices this stuff.

Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 3 months

This is all so ridiculous I can’t even read these headlines w/o laughing and not do to it being funny but that this is our “reality” you couldn’t write a better reality TV show than what happens on the world stage daily...

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