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Existing home sales rise in 2020 to highest in more than a decade

Existing home sales rise in 2020 to highest in more than a decade

Sales of existing homes witnessed an increase of 0.7% in December, which has pushed the entirety of 2020 to a pace not seen in 14 years, and has provided one of the few bright spots for a U.S. economy mired in a global pandemic. The National Association of Realtors reported that rising sales in the final month of the year lifted activity to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.76 million units.

Tom A
Tom A
Xavier 2 months

The markets so down right now thanks to covid, I can’t even imagine how much real estate value all those people are losing. This is literally buying high, selling low. Fs in the chat.

😁 X ✌
😁 X ✌ 2 months

😮 A Great Bubble 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Rocky 2 months

Beijing Biden will fix this soon enough. If you plan to sell do it now before his policies take effect and the economy continues to tank like it has since he stepped in. Time to tighten up your finances over the next few years. Growth in all industries outside of those that are massive corporations or moving production to China will all see losses. Small to medium businesses will see massively increased failure rates with his reinstatement of over regulation. We see he has already stopped price reduction policies on big pharma. Biden brand cronyism and endless wars are back on track!

Goi 2 months

Its called dumping the greenbacks for a more hard assets.

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