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Austin confirmed by Senate to lead Pentagon under Biden

Austin confirmed by Senate to lead Pentagon under Biden

The Senate has paved the way for retired Gen. Lloyd Austin to lead the Pentagon, with Mr. Austin poised to make history as the nation’s first Black secretary of Defense. The Senate confirmed Austin in a 93-2 Friday morning vote, with the two no votes coming from GOP Sens. Josh Hawley and Mike Lee. The vote gave Biden his second Cabinet member two days after his inauguration.

Jacob 2 months

I really wish they would stop reporting what race people are

Jared 2 months

Shouldn't the headline be "Biden appoints another Military Industrial Complex insider as Secretary of DoD: Raytheon Stock surges." ?

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Let's not forget how this office was intended for civilian oversight of the military, not be held by the military. The color of his skin is not the relavent factor here.

earl 2 months

I'm pretty sure that's the defence secretary from Rick and Morty lol

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