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Biden administration fires Trump-appointed international broadcasters

Biden administration fires Trump-appointed international broadcasters

The Biden administration has fired the heads of three federally funded international broadcasters as part of an initiative to clear the U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) of Trump-appointees. Chief of the USAGM under Trump, Michael Pack, had been accused of turning the agency and its networks into pro-trump propaganda machines. These firings follow Pack’s forced resignation on Wednesday.

chris 2 months

Fuck, even Obama didn't do dystopian shit like this.

Hayden 2 months

No one should be suprised that giant organizations' media are biased, corporate or government. Anything worth hearing politically is independent or user generated, and that's been the case for a while.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 2 months

Trump should take lessons for when he comes back in 24. PURGE everyone associated with Dems and prior administration and overtyrn ALL their initiatives. Its the Obama and Biden blueprint.

Coach Steve
Coach Steve 2 months

Get rid of the right wingers from as many parts of the govt as possible. Try to They are awful and ahave no idea of what needs to be done.

Glen 2 months

Take the voice of the people, that way government has the only voice. Right?

Mutatis 2 months

That moment when there is disagreement with the US government's official propaganda group producing propaganda that is too pro America.

Cory 2 months

Joe biden, president of new china. No thought crimes tolerated

Eric 2 months

Translation= reversing the pumps to fill the swap back up.

Patty 2 months

Not shocked at all.Beginning of the end of democracy

steve 2 months

How quickly MAGA forgets, or ignores, what Trump did with the Obama appointees. Pack cleaned house. Now he’s swept aside.

Beefy G
Beefy G 2 months

200 plus years folks... We had a good run. Time to retire in Costa Rica

Frank 2 months

Worst president ever=joe "babysniffer" biden

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