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Biden signs executive order to promote $15 federal minimum wage

Biden signs executive order to promote $15 federal minimum wage

President Biden signed an executive order Friday instructing the Office of Personnel Management to lay the groundwork to increase the minimum wage for federal employees and contractors to $15 per hour. Under the order, contractors would also have to provide emergency paid leave to their employees. Biden also signed another order to expand food assistance to low-income Americans.

truth seeker
truth seeker 4 months

Really shows that the Dems want to destroy America. Why would any president who is looking out for the best for the country do that at a time like now, in a pandemic? Only one who wants to destroy the country they represent.

Bernice 4 months

Wont this increase be bad for small and big businesses? Wont it make big businesses move to other countries. Isn’t labor cost and rent the reason why contact centers / business process outsourcing centers are in India and The Philippines?

Randall 4 months

Good first step in the right direction. Next step, tax capitol gains.

Delterra 4 months

After accounting for inflation the original minimum wage would be 24$ today but everyone knows the u.s. has only collapsed in power and wealth making half that the best we can do😢

Glen 4 months

This will cost another million jobs, along with the 70,000 good paying jobs the keystone pipeline lost. This will boost inflation to levels we haven't seen in years. In one week Biden has done more damage to the economy, then Trump did in four years, and this is just the beginning.

6Million$Mansplainer 4 months

Hopefully 15 dollars will cover all the cost increases.....psst, it won't.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 4 months

Carter, Obama, Biden likely to go down as the 3 worst POTUS in history. Clinton, Obama, Biden as most corrupt. Thats how a Republic rots- from the head down.

Seekster 4 months

Minimum wage is a terrible idea and raising it is even worse. People shouldn't be trying to support a family on minimum wage jobs, that is not what they are for.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

Guess he really didn't like those record low unemployment numbers for black Americans. Probably wants to put them back in their place! Got to keep 'em useful!

Jellybean 4 months

So what group of Federal Employees is not making $15 or more an hour already?

Jackson 4 months

Imagine being a conservative right now. Your party has no power right now, every generation moves further left, and an increase in diversity means that your partys power is weakening long term. You have the electoral college as a chance to win, but when Biden adds DC as a state, and the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact kicks in, you'll never win again. Remember when they told Obama he couldn't have his supreme court pick? Lmao

smitty 4 months

Yay! A price floor to create a shortage in supply for hourly jobs. $15 an hour might be appropriate for major cities where the cost of living is so high, but not federally. He is hurting a considerable number of workers that he believes he's helping.

Blue 4 months


michael 4 months

I thought minimum wage could only be raised by congress. We need it to keep going up at a predictable rate or tie it to inflation. Always depending on the random chance of voting is not economically sustainable. Especially if you want to transition into a renewable energy economy.

Special Ed
Special Ed 4 months

I for one am looking very forward to those ordering kiosks in stores and restaurants. I don't know why they changed it from 23 to 15 either. Maybe too much at once. I already order through apps to try to avoid employees who can't do their job right.

Robo 4 months

Venezuela time! I guess the lockdowns didn't do enough to destroy every single small business in the US.

Jon 4 months

Cultists still believing the trickle down lies.

coughdrop1989 4 months

Cant wait to pay 8-10$ for a gallon of milk now!

Kathleen 4 months

Is he not intelligent enough to know the negative domino effect that will have?? Maybe that is his intentions!!

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