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Biden lifts Trump’s ban on trans people serving in military openly

Biden lifts Trump’s ban on trans people serving in military openly

President Joe Biden lifted the ban on transgender people serving in the military. Former President Donald Trump imposed the ban in 2017. Trans troops who were already serving were allowed to continue, but there was a ban on new recruits. According to the Department of Defense data analyzed by the Palm Center, a non-profit group, there were 8,980 active-duty transgender troops in 2019.

ItsMrBOBToYou 3 months

My take on any kind of hiring, study or recruitment will always be "Can you do the work?" True equality will not lead to equity.

TheOtherBiden 3 months

This "ban" had nothing to do with stopping trans people from serving. It was to stop trans people from serving specifically to have the army pay for their sex-change surgery. The Reasoning: Receiving such a surgery while on active duty could place you on medical leave for <4 months. This would be fine if it was a required surgery to help with an injurty, but spending such time off for something entirely elective while still receiving pay and time-to-promotion is simply absurd. I dont care if Trans people serve. I have only one requirement. Are you physically and mentally capable of performing your duty? If the answer is yes, welcome aboard. With that said, I also dont think women should receive time-to-promotion during maternity leave. I dont care if women want to have children and I dont care if trans people want their operation. Just dont expect your promotion after being out for an extended period.

Glen 3 months

One week in office and he slaps the military. How downgrading.

Just an American
Just an American 3 months

You can’t have ADD/ADHD and join the the military, but you can be confused about your gender. Weird

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