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White House expected to lift transgender ban in military

White House expected to lift transgender ban in military

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last week that President Biden will soon reverse the ban on transgender people serving openly in the military. Psaki said this would be among the ’additional executive actions’ that will be taken ’in the coming days and weeks.’ The policy was first announced by Donald Trump in July 2017. CBS News expects the repeal to come Monday.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

Big question is will the military foot the bill for gender reassignment? If so expect a deluge of sign ups that do nothing and have no interest in service. Also the question of mental health is the main issue with this. Its well known that trans folks have mental instability for one reason or another based on their life, upbringing and so on. The risk of suicide is high in the community. We need to ask ourselves if this is good for them, or is it including them in something they just want. For the country this is unwise, and for their health this is unsafe.

Jellybean 3 months

Probable future of the armed forces - deluge of gender dysphoria sufferers allowed in, military forced to reallocate medical services to provide reassignment surgery relatively free of charge. Military readiness suffers as many of the people who get gender reassignment spend a majority of their enlistment incapacitated by health and mental issues. I have no hate for people who suffer from this type of problem, but pretending they are as a group fit to be in the armed services is going to help no one long term. I have a former niece who is pausing transitioning into a nephew, and know two others undergoing this process through him, and one schoolteacher who is done with the process. Only the schoolteacher is the type of person who I would trust with a weapon unsupervised. The rest are too wack to make good soldiers, and would probably pose a significant risk to people around them when subjected to real stress.

coughdrop1989 3 months

You think regular people in the army get treated bad when they're a prisoner of war. Imagine you're a guy dressed as a girl and you get captured by Isis. Dumb move. Same reason why you arent suppose to have tattoos of your rank or class. They do not play by geneva rules....

Suzi 3 months

How is this going to work in terms of BMT? Showering is a public affair and there is virtually no privacy. Would a transgender woman, who still has a p@nis, be allowed to shower with biological women? **why are anatomical terms flagged by NV?

Foy 3 months

Should never let the mentally ill into your armed forces.

Jon12 3 months

Biden is planning on starting the draft back up, he knows hes going to start a war. He wants to grab as many people as he can

Matt 3 months

Whether you like it or not, it's time to make sure psychological services are top notch. These people have unaddressed issues, whether you believe they have gender dysphoria, or not. Their suicide rate is astronomical because we don't know how to address it. The DSM essentially says "go with it" as a placeholder. So for or against, these people do need help, and this bill puts that responsibility heavily on our military. Like it or not.

Radiomarket 3 months

My only concern is that most people who do become trans are emotionally unstable which i would never trust to be my battle buddy.

Rocky 3 months

Bad move. Sending troops with open wounds that need attention and are more susceptible to infection is a bad idea. This on top of more requirements for regular medical care are real logistical and safety concerns. Add into this the mental stability statistics added to access to weapons and munitions and you have an extremely scary mixture. Suicide rates for veterans is already staggeringly high and mixing that with the trans community that has the highest suicide rates of any group in human history and you are asking for trouble.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 3 months

This will be unlikely to do anything. Most militaries exclude people on regular medications or requiring regular medical intervention. If you are transgender and on hormone meds or you need any kind of regular monitoring, you won't be joining the military.

Azrily 3 months

Really bad idea, having transgendered soldiers is a fucking logistical nightmare. Assuming the transgendered people are going to the front lines that is. My uncle who served in Iraq back in like 2004 said one time their supply train got taken out so they went a month without showering or anything of the sort. Ontop of that there is a huge possibility of misgendering while in the heat of combat. Many transgendered individuals are already mentally unstable, so combat stress would wreck havoc on them

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

The military is supposed to be comprised of the highest skilled, deadliest killers in the world. Not people suffering from gender dysphoria, searching for treatment, and having anxiety attacks. China, Russia, and Iran are laughing.

HaroldDaSavage 3 months

The job of the miliatiry is to protect our precious homosexuals. Everyone knows seven straight people = 1 LGBT person this is truly a wreck less act by the current administration

Tom 3 months

And we all know why they want to do this because they want their transition surgery paid for by the American taxpayer

jon 3 months

And people said we were being paranoid when we said the "democrats" were going to try and pu$$ify the Armed Forces and eliminate them as a threat to their hegemony.

Joe 3 months

Trans people were being barred from service the same reason diabetics get denied. It's too much effort and money to take care of their medical needs. If you want a group of people to be alienated among their peers for receiving special treatment than by all means, put those trans people in those unnecessarily dangerous situations in their daily lives.

R LoRusso
R LoRusso 3 months

This will be a large net loss for the military financialy. Armies have a history of turning down recruits who were more burden than they were worth.. Including eyesight, flatfootedness, problems that required more time on sick leave.. A friend of mine, a doctor, volunteered at the local transgender clinic.. She said they were difficult to treat bc on top of their normal medical problems ,you in reality were treating a man who was suppressing his hormones and taking female hormones.. Medicine recognizes now more that before racial and gender differences in medical approaches..There are whole classes on that.

Mike 3 months

Good. Someone willing to die for our freedom deserves just as much respect as anyone else. If they want us to pay for a surgery, he'll, give it to em and more. Support our troops!

Doug 3 months

I hope $6B USPS contract for up to 180,000 mail trucks is for EVs. AFAIK Lordstown Motors the only EV outfit in the running; others are fossil fuel (:-( or hybrid.

Bryan_with_a_why 3 months

America will be safer when Biden is buried in the ground. Or cremated. Or whatever he wishes done to his body after his death. Same with all the other establishment cronies. If they keep acting like they have they're going to end up with a suspicious death just like, well, dozens of people they know lol

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