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Biden says Trump’s impeachment trial ’has to happen’

Biden says Trump’s impeachment trial ’has to happen’

President Biden said that former President Trump’s impeachment trial ’has to happen’ despite the potential disruptions of his agenda. Biden’s comments came as House Democrats formally delivered their impeachment article against Trump to the Senate. Biden said he recognized that a trial could impact the timeline for his legislative plans but said there would be ’a worse effect if it didn’t happen.’

Montgomery 2 months

This is correct. The sooner we can impeach Biden for his Ukraine deal the better Then we can move to impeaching harris for her dodgy prosecuting history #NotMyPresident #MostRacistPresidentEver #ImpeachBiden

Drew 2 months

I thought they were sore losers in 2016, they are even worse winners

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 2 months

Just think of the president this case sets, IF this charade goes forward, it will be possible for congress to impeach ANYONE who they dislike who is running for any office.... That Constitution sure turned out to be toilet paper in the hands of the Democrats....

Alex 2 months

Imagine admitting that settling your political vendetta is more important than saving your citizens from death and poverty.

O'Brien 2 months

Already within less than a week Biden has proven himself a boilerplate authoritarian dictator. Stolen elections, aided and abetted the silencing of opponents and their platforms , ruling by decree, a Reichstag fire style event and now unconstitutional show trials of his political adversaries. Today Brandon Straka of the #Walkaway movement was arrested, another political persecution. This is Stalin by the numbers, a shocking turn of events in the United States of America in 2021.

Maximilian 2 months

How can you impeach a private citizen now? 🤣🤣 this is unconstitutional as well.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

It amuses me how scared they are of him. It's like watching Vikings, Trump's basically Ragnar who came in and destroyed them and now (even after rigging an election to get rid of him) they're terrified they'll see his ships on the coast again 🤣 (this is an obvious metaphor by the way, before someone accused me of calling on Trump to take the navy and attack the coast 🤦)

Matthew J
Matthew J 2 months

🔮Bidens Agenda 😂. He will be the one impeached in the end. Once the American people realise he will cripple the country with debt from handouts and socialist policy. Frauds always get found out. The Hunter shall become the hunted!

WWIII 2 months

It’s already a shitshow, blame the Orange man for everything and then when Biden fails he can blame the twice impeached president that’ll still be 10x better than Sniffin Joe ever could be

Alan 2 months

It's funny reading the snow flakes responses. Their leader ordered them to take the election by force but he shouldn't be punished? Then they bleat on about lock her up when Ivanka used an unsecured email account.

Simon 2 months

Of course Trump has to be impeached and any republicans who don’t vote or choose to vote against finding him guilty ,they they ought to be made to resign from being a senator ! No matter what they believe ,it’s plain to see that trump both encouraged and probably financed ,these rioters to get to Washington . Tell me if trump were a person of colour,do you think he would get convicted for doing what trump did ....? Of course he would hand he would go to jail for one of the major crimes anyone in the USA and Uk can comit , so let’s wait and see what happens to Trump , on this count ... watch this space ,(personally my guess ,if the republicans have the backbone to convict he will not go to jail , he’ll get bared from public life but nothing more ) still let’s see !

Glen 2 months

When does the Joe and Hunter Biden trial begin, when will Bidens impeachment trial start. They both used the office of the Vice president for profit. Just because their liberal, doesn't mean they get an exemption.

Josh 2 months


Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 2 months

The man is such a pupet he was made by Jim Henson.

Tired of the BS
Tired of the BS 2 months

Yes, the worse effect that will absolutely happen if they don’t is that Biden will be up against Trump again in 2024 and after 4 years of screwing this country up beyond repair he will lose to Trump by a landslide.

Tom 2 months

Biden you been made to look a f****** idiot again but let's face it it it doesn't take much to make you look a f****** idiot does it

Matt 2 months

Knew him calling for unity was bs and he just proved it

S 2 months

Democratic President Democratic House Democratic Senate MAGA tears are sweet like honey.

Cindy 2 months

Another reason I love Biden!

S 2 months

Convicting Trump would only insure he could not run again. Why worry though? He just lost by 8 million votes and 74 electoral votes. To a 78 year old man! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

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