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Dutch PM condemns lockdown riots as ’criminal violence’

Dutch PM condemns lockdown riots as ’criminal violence’

Dutch PM Mark Rutte condemned riots over the weekend in which demonstrators attacked police and set fires to protest against a night-time curfew to slow the spread of COVID-19. ’This is criminal violence and we will treat it as such,’ Rutte said. ’We haven’t seen so much violence in 40 years,’ a police trade union NPB board member said. Hundreds of people have been detained.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 months

Better start building the gulags, gotta have some place to put all these dissidents that actually think they have a right to their own body.

Decimus 4 months

Trumptardism is spreading faster than Covid.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 months

Are there viable alternatives to incarcerated isolation? Surely something exists. Bubble wrap is not an option.

dan 4 months

a curfew is worthless to slow the spread the world is getting sick of these useless laws that our leaders don't even follow

N/A 4 months

To be fair, they were mostly peaceful.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 4 months

The atrocities of the French revolution become more attractive by the day!

Punker 4 months

Sure, people are violent. But let's think about for a minute. We are in a health crisis, a pandemic of virus that attacks the respiratory system. Our great 'protectors' and 'health experts' in uniforms are soaking people in water in the middle of winter and are using toxic chemicals that attack and irritate the respiratory system, how is this logical? How can making people sick protect people health? On the same note, when was the exam that the riot militarized police took in health science and when did they take the Hippocratic Oath? The people who initiated violence were those that for years invested into guns and weapons for organized thug gangs in uniforms and ignored the health and education of the people. You invest in violence you get violence, it is a simple equation. also, if you restrict the day to 12 hours instead of 24 you get more crowding not less, how could curfews limit infection rate by making sure people have less time for shopping? Where is the logic in this?

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