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Global Covid-19 cases surpass 100 million, death toll 2.16 million

Global Covid-19 cases surpass 100 million, death toll 2.16 million

More than 100 million Covid-19 cases have now been recorded across the world even as nations are rolling out vaccines to tackle the worst pandemic to hit humankind in over 100 years. Latest Johns Hopkins University figures show 100,248,229 Covid-19 cases and 2,156,941 related deaths confirmed globally, so far. The US, with over 25 million cases and 420,000 deaths, is the worst-affected country.

Shane 2 months

I guess we'll never reset the counter on covid cases & deaths... The tally must continue, cos you know, if it was reset then that would leave room for people's cortisol to drop and we can't have that right.. no no..

Lord Baktor
Lord Baktor 2 months

Congratulations, the virus we put the world on hold for has finally infected over 1% of the population. With a mortality rate of around 2%, this means it had killed 0.002%. Almost as many as dementia.

B 2 months

What are the REAL numbers? These are crap and we all know it.

Patrick 2 months

Placebo is powerful stuff bub. We always knew it was, just never thought it could kill. Now we know.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 2 months

Trump supporters be like: Blame Antifa! Blame Communism! Blame Islam! Blame Socialism! Blame the left!

Athena 2 months

Yay we did it pewds!... Oh wait no... Boo!

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2 months

Sometimes I like to think of statistics as useful morbidity. Here's an example the clearest mortality ratio of those who are infected can be easily clearly seen by the preponderance of huge numbers. One can objectively visualize the mortality rate of those who are infected is about 2.2% - now imagine if the "herd immunity" crowd got their way and we were not wearing any face masks. The mortality rate would be at least five times higher along with the exponentially higher rate of those who are infected. When all is said and done we would have lost hundreds of millions of people. The totality of this kind of pandemic would have caused another DARK AGE and another hundred or two hundred years of de-evolution in the scientific and technological fields. The scariest thing is that some religious zealots, of all kinds, would rather we, as a civilization, enter a Dark Age, than continue pressing on into Space, Mars and beyond, believing that we are advancing too quickly and too far for their GOD'S liking. I firmly believe this is one of the key components of the self-destructive GREAT FILTER. "When you become a fanatic or religious zealot you become the enemy" - I don't think I ever truly understood those words better than I do today.

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