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Judge in George Floyd trial denies requests to use past incidents as evidence

Judge in George Floyd trial denies requests to use past incidents as evidence

16 previous incidents involving former Minneapolis police officers charged in George Floyd’s death, as well as Floyd’s past arrests cannot be brought up in trial, a judge ruled on Monday. Hennepin County judge Peter Cahill stated he would explain at a later date. Prosecutors aimed to introduce evidence that former officer Derek Chauvin had used neck restraints seven times before Floyd’s death.

Rocky 2 months

Agreed. It's not necessary. All the evidence needed is in the full length video. His symptoms are very consistent with fentanyl overdose. From him having troubles breathing while sitting in the cruiser. To his delirious speech and thought patterns. I wish he would have just told the officers what he was on. Sad that the officers didn't recognize the signs early enough to prevent death. The autopsy confirmed the cause of death as fentanyl overdose. Sad story, but very much not uncommon.

IvoryDove 2 months

Floyd's prior record SHOULD be admitted because the cops would have seen it prior to the arrest. Therefore it's relevant. The cop's prior record is not relevant.

Max Bants
Max Bants 2 months

Fair enough

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

You cant use prior arrests as evidence. And in fact, you don't need it. That restraint has ben used hundreds of times. If Floyd could yell, he could breathe. He was not suffocated. He was however, overdosing, and administration of Narcan may have helped, although the amount of heart stopping chemicals in his body was extremely high.

Glen 2 months

That's right, Prosecutors need to tie one arm behind their back. God knows we don't want the whole truth out there.

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