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Facebook still has content that denies Holocaust ever took place

Facebook still has content that denies Holocaust ever took place

Even after vowing to remove content that ’denies or distorts the Holocaust,’ Facebook still has content that do exactly the same. The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish NGO, in a report released on Holocaust Remembrance Day, gave Facebook a ’D’ and said it is ’still struggling to address anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial effectively.’ It also said other social platforms didn’t fare much better.

Sven Svenderson
Sven Svenderson 2 months

By the standards that Parler was treated shouldn't Facebook be removed from app stores as unable to control their content? It seems like rules are only for small businesses not big powerful ones.

Martin 2 months

What happened to free speech? With all the evidence they have of the holocaust why do they make it illegal to criticise?

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 2 months

I wonder what the Zuck did to upset the establishment? First they are after Facebook for “allowing” people on the right to organize, notice nothing said about Antifa or BLM, now this? Maybe he is guilty of wrongthink and we will see Facebook broken up into far more controllable pieces?

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 months

What's wrong with that? Questioning history books written by men is necessary. I personally believe the Holocaust happened, but was embellished. Imagine Democrats writing the history books on Republicans in 80 years. "They locked billions of children in cages, banned Muslims from living, and started a virus called Covid-19! Look at this video of his evil speeches!" Now imagine someone telling you you're not allowed to question their recount of events.

Glen 2 months

Facebook is where you go to pretend your something your not. So when it comes to the holocaust, their in denial.

wild card
wild card 2 months

If you want to deny the holocaust just watch the youtube documentary "We Defeated the Wrong Enemy"

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

I mean if you don't believe the holocaust happened then you are way out of touch with reality and are obsessing over alex jones to much. Everyone knows he's full of sh!te. That's why he gets heckled all the time bcs he's a !d!ot.

Mystery 2 months

Whoopty doo, Basil

92cooks 2 months

Let it stay, don't censor them and give these idiots fuel to cry about censorship. Let them get ridiculed by all normal people

GUYIVKS 2 months

Time for Farcebook and Twatter to be deplatformed like Parler.

Evan 3 weeks

Every student across the world, (of preliminary education, high schools/ colleges, universities, etc) , should at least visit once per lifetime Auzwitz etc or one of Nazis ex-concentration camps across Europe, with their teachers/proffesors, to see "live" with their own eyes those Nazis atrocities in order "Never to Forget History and the "Rememberance Day" Black Anniversary of Holocaust's Innocent Victims. No More Genocides, ever!!..."

Phoenix 2 months

Deplatform Facebook for hate speech.

Indo 2 months

When u make a mountain out of a all hill, this happens. You can't erase it. As long as the current killings continue.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 months

And? I guess Facebook needs to thrown out and shut down like Parler

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 2 months

Surprised? You can't silence everyone.

wild card
wild card 2 months

Free Speech!!!!!

Fawksie 2 months

Riddle me this and riddle me good, how did they do it with doors made of wood?

Glen 2 months

Soundslike Facebook has ties to the old Nazi party. Hide the truth from the world.

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