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Boeing 737 Max gets clearance to fly in Europe again

Boeing 737 Max gets clearance to fly in Europe again

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has lifted the ban on Boeing 737 Max to fly in Europe again after 22 months. It was banned from flying after two crashes that caused 346 deaths. Recently, the jet was cleared to fly again in the US and Brazil. Patrick Ky, EASA’s executive director said: ’We have every confidence that the aircraft is safe, which is the precondition for giving our approval.’

#Donate2RebellionPAC 3 months

What a great idea at least impose some type of a bonus for mandatory fine to the boss and the company

ToBeOrNotToBe 3 months

As always, money walks over everything.

MyVoice 3 months

I will skip any flights where these planes are.

Tristan 3 months

Finally, something on newsvoice that we can all agree on! Dem or GOP, Chiefs or Bucs fans, even those who argue over water's wetness. We can all get behind this

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 3 months

It may just be a false story and I have not pursued it much. There is evidence that Air Line Company's weight the cost of wrongful death law suits against the cost of taking air planes off line to repair what ever is wrong them. Basically not generating revenue. Apparently it boils down to which ever is the cheapest optionon Not saying this is true but there is evidence to suggest this is a fact.🤣🇨🇦

Indo 3 months

Eben after all its failures. Its still.all we have. Nothing new. Not even on the horizon.

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