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GameStop, AMC remain elevated while broader market corrects

GameStop, AMC remain elevated while broader market corrects

GameStop and AMC Ent stock prices remained elevated Wednesday even as the broader markers saw deep corrections. The pair has been popular targets in the Reddit chat room ’Wallstreetbets’ (with more than 3M members) where a wave of traders focus on heavily shorted stocks, pushing share higher and squeezing out short-selling hedge funds. The speculative behavior has raising eyebrows on Wall Street.

Tom A
Tom A
Tyler 3 months

I love it, and now all the billionaires are mad because normal people are doing exactly what they do on a daily basis. The hypocrisy.

michael 3 months

Maybe short selling should just not be allowed

michael 3 months

Maybe stop short selling when you create a country of trolls.

Indo 3 months

Boyz toyz always a big hit. No wonder Fifteens ain't kids no more. Not when parents n grandparents got their money in it.

Code Bot
Code Bot 3 months

This is a perfect example of the proletariat demonstrating how the bourgeoisie fundamentally shouldn't exist within the economy.

Jake 3 months

All the tears of the short traders in the wake of this little affair have been absolutely delicious.'s almost like the system is rife with potential for abuse and that's probably not a good thing.

bones mcgahee
bones mcgahee 3 months

I’m totally on board with toppling the pointless regime of the stock market, bring it on redditors

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