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US could see up to 514K COVID-19 deaths by Feb 20: CDC

US could see up to 514K COVID-19 deaths by Feb 20: CDC

Rochelle Walensky, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that the US is projected to record as many as 514,000 deaths from COVID-19 by Feb. 20 based on the country’s current trajectory. Walensky said the US has reported slightly fewer than 420,000 coronavirus deaths since Jan. 22, 2020.The U.S. reported its highest number of deaths (4,383) in a single day on Jan. 20.

Tom A
Tom A
Christian Wagner
Christian Wagner 3 months

These summary death numbers are hardly accurate as anyone dying „with Covid“ is counted as a death caused by Covid. The more detailed stats from the CDC actually show that in only 6% of the cases Covid was the primary cause of death. In many cases Covid had nothing to do with the death and in others it may not be clear how much Covid contributed to the deaths. In many countries in Europe there is hardly any overall excess mortality, which is quite surprising (see EUROMOMO). Is the virus really more deadly in the US?

mike 3 months

That's on pedo dementia Joe, what is he doing about it??? Absolutely nothing!!!

FREDERICK 3 months

Countries like the USA and UK report their numbers accurately while others hide the true situation and escape media scrutiny. China is obviously the worst offender in this respect.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 3 months

Let’s not forget that T**** is responsible for this mess.

Jon 3 months

Why do the cultist bother responding? We get it, Covid is fake, the numbers are fake, everything's fake, it's just like the flu. Now go back to your hole. Let the adults talk.

Glen 3 months

People with common sense, realize that new viruses have been a part of our lives for many years, and it will be for many more years. Closing our country down will have a devastating effect over time. As of right now, there is 99.9 percent chance of survival. This has become a power trip for Demacratic governors, its become a method for controling the people. They say it's about saving lives. Instead it's costing more lives. Suicide is up, people are scared to go to doctor's, government workers are allowed to work. While the private secter isn't. Etc,etc,etc.

Georgie Pineda
Georgie Pineda 3 months

They give the right numbers but in such a way it's decieving. Give me mortality rates %, morbility rates %, give me cause of dead and subjacent diseases. A 20 year old perfectly healthy male/female is very diferent from a 80 yo high blood pressure, diabetic with cancer male/female...

ConcealCarryProtect 3 months

*enter partisanship bickering* *exit facts and data*

Diddy 3 months

Enough with the Covid nonsense. It is a disease of the mind and little more. Wake up people.

Glen 3 months

Spreading the fear.

Randall 3 months

Is it going away yet? Trump said it was just going to go away, like magic. Did he lie again?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 months

Enter false media reporting. Tell us again why they have such low reviews and trust issues?

Fishe 3 months

six gorillion!

Charles 3 months

Biting is failing the US population he has slowed down the delivery of the vaccination and has sent our medication to third world countries all in an effort to appeal his global Masters

Barry 3 months

There's only been 35k deaths and the pandemic had been over since April

Jared 3 months

Rookie numbers

Hollowhammer 3 months

And it's all Joe Biden fault. Why can't Joe stop the coof like he promised?

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