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Zuckerberg says Facebook will turn down heat on political discourse in News Feed

Zuckerberg says Facebook will turn down heat on political discourse in News Feed

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said his company will ’turn down the temperature’ and downplay inflammatory political discussions on its platforms. He said Facebook is currently exploring ways to avoid political brawls in people’s News Feed. This comes after Facebook received flak over its handling of political speech after it suspended former President Donald Trump following the Capitol riot.

mike 2 months

Pedo dementia Joe did not win, only thru voter fraud did he get elected

Mikhail 2 months

“Reduce” political content at what cost? I sense more censorship.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

The same way they 'turn down the political heat' in China, Russia and North Korea, by eliminating any views not approved by the state.

Rocky 2 months

Sure now that they got their chinese asset in office they want to turn down the extremely ubiquitous dissatisfaction that is on the platform. Every video of Biden's on youtube is double the dislikes to likes. He is ratiod constantly. Who are these people that voted for him? Why don't they show up anywhere to support him? They don't even do it on social media. There is no way he was elected by Americans or they are all unable to travel and don't have internet.

Jay 2 months

We dropped Face Book like 9 months ago, ZUCKERTURD has lost billions of $$$$ 9 months ago I headed over to Facebooks competition “ME WE” I have 70 ,000 followers. Facebook is a thing of the past only for crybaby snowflakes and the truly addicted social junkies. So far more than 50million Americans ditched Facebook, more than 200 million globally. Cancel Culture has turned on Facebook Twitter YouTube Google Instagram People are waking up to who they give their private information to. But you won’t hear this from NewsVoice or CNN

GUYIVKS 2 months

"turn down"? In other words hide anything that makes progressives look bad. Namely the truth.

wild card
wild card 2 months

😂😂 END FakeBook, simple!

Phoenix 2 months

Delete Facebook.

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