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Teenager charged in Indianapolis shooting that killed 5 and an unborn child

Teenager charged in Indianapolis shooting that killed 5 and an unborn child

A 17-year-old suspected gunman who is believed to be responsible for the shooting that claimed the lives of five people and an unborn child in Indianapolis is facing multiple murder charges. The teenager has been charged with six counts of murder, attempted murder and carrying a handgun without a license. Indiana laws state that a 17-year-old charged with murder must be tried in adult court.

Luddite 2 months

we should investigate the firearm for previous crimes, speech, etc... because maybe it forced the 17 year old to murder the innocent. remember blacks can't hate.

Amani 2 months

This comment section is sad, geez. People just itching their hate boner.

Motorrr 2 months

What makes Americans so special ? The rest of the civilized world thinks that owning guns is a privilege of law enforcement, the army - and the odd hunter. Why don't you try it ? It's so esay - especially for the police: if you hold a gun, you're one of the bad guys

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 2 months

Oh I sure hope he's a white kid named Kyle? All he has to do is claim self-defense and Trump supporters will jump on his band wagon. Shout and chant " he acted in self-defense." every chance they get. Raise millions of dollars for his legal defense and want him to run for Public Office after he is found innocent. There had to have been a BLM protest in the neighborhood too. Nah! no need to talk about gun law reform. Just a regular day in the good ole' USA😂🇨🇦

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 months

Why isn't it called a mass shooting when POC do it?

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 months

Embrace the Culture of Black America

Matt 2 months

There are so many moving parts in this story to be addressed, the least of which are gun control and the color of his skin.

Mike 2 months

So much BLM

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