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Biden lifts ban on US aid to foreign healthcare providers who perform abortions

Biden lifts ban on US aid to foreign healthcare providers who perform abortions

President Joe Biden has lifted a ban on US aid to foreign care groups that perform abortions or provide abortion guidance. Republican presidents have instated the so-called ’Mexico City Policy’ of stopping aid to pro-abortion foreign health providers immediately on taking office only to be junked by Democrat presidents immediately on taking office. President Ronald Reagan started this in 1984.

Luddite 3 months

why become a catholic if you dont believe its tenets. why join anything that is against you or you dont believe in it. that is why there are organizatins to find like minded people. but you always have those who want to f** k your membership.

Alan 3 months

You boomers are funny your not pro life your pro birth as soon as a child is born you all shout how they are the parents responsibility and give no help at all. Not to mention it's the woman's body how would the older than sand men feel if they had people telling them what they can do with their bodies

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 3 months

Still pretending to be a Catholic? Guys scûm

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

I'm not against abortions, but this doesn't seem right. The USA just loves killing foreign children, whether with drones, or needles.

Luddite 3 months

why profess catholicism at all?!

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 3 months

Abortion debate aside, why would we pay for this anyway?

Mike 3 months

Most religious president ever?..devout catholic?

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