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New malaria mosquito emerging in African cities raises fears

New malaria mosquito emerging in African cities raises fears

A mosquito species, previously unseen on the African continent, is now common in cities in Ethiopia, raising fears of impending malaria infections. The Anopheles stephensi is the main malaria mosquito in India, and was first detected in Africa only a few years ago. What raises concerns is the Anopheles stephensi breeds especially well in containers with clean water.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 0 months

Bidens response will be to import mass amounts of Indian natives and house them in elementary schools, telling them a good voter is a healthy voter.

Jonny 0 months

At least something in Ethiopia is getting a feed.

George 0 months

It's probably one of Bill Gates pet projects that he Unleashed on to Africa.

bobby_5150 0 months

You can thank Rachel Carson.

Haven Mallow
Haven Mallow 0 months

Well that's not good

Special Ed
Special Ed 0 months

We should eradicate all mosquitoes world wide. If nothing else, where I live at least.

Indo 0 months

Why raise fears !? Isn't it supposed to wake them up n not be pitiful no more

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