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Austrian man leaves $2.4 million to village who saved family from Nazis

Austrian man leaves $2.4 million to village who saved family from Nazis

Eric Schwam, a 90 year old Austrian man has left a bequest to a French village as a gesture of gratitude decades after residents took in his family during the second World War. The village (Le Chambon-sur-Lignon), located in South-east France, had protected thousands of Jews and has a long-standing reputation for shielding people from persecution. Schwan had arrived at the village in 1943.

Test Steam
Test Steam 2 months

What a great legacy for both Eric and the village.

Rodrigo Teresa
Rodrigo Teresa 2 months

nice story :)

Juan 2 months

Take advantage on the sentiments that unify everybody. Act out of kindness not personal gain. It’s a harder route. The one less traveled by. Look at everybody the way you look at your loved ones. We’re all convinced we’re each other’s enemy in this rat race but don’t realize the people who organized it want it this way. A divided populace is one easily manipulated.

William 2 months

As someone doing genocidal research studies in my undergrad (my grandparents survived the Holocaust and WW2), and as someone who knows of this village, I am so happy it gets the recognition it deserves. Even if people, governments, media, etc. try to outgroup others, we can follow the example of the people in this small town and be human. Excellect story :-)

Christopher 2 months

Great story.

Mohamed 2 months

nice made me happy made me smile

J707J 2 months

Warms my heart in times like this

Taylor 2 months

These are the stories I enjoy reading.

WooToo 2 months

Love this story.

Aleks 2 months

Amazing well done both

Patty 2 months


Rene 2 months

Wow that's great like they say the good you do doesn't get lost it some how going to pay back some day

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