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Black Lives Matter wins Olof Palme rights award, nominated for Noble peace prize

Black Lives Matter wins Olof Palme rights award, nominated for Noble peace prize

The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has won Sweden’s Olof Palme human rights prize for 2020. In addition, a Norwegian lawmaker has nominated the Black Lives Matter movement for the 2021 Nobel peace prize for bringing attention to racial inequities around the world.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 3 months

These peace awards have lost all meaning . BLM is a violent movement with Marxist foundations whose radical positions include disrupting the nuclear family and defunding the police. Their actions directly led to deaths and the destruction of private property. It seems to me the only criteria for winning the award is meeting certain racial characteristics.

curtis 3 months

Really? They threw bricks and moltav cocktails, beat several people, shot a three year old, burned down municipalities and police vehicles. An organization that causes riots is not by definition a maker of peace. An instigator for change, sure, but they intentionally disrupted peace to make change.

Seekster 3 months

Does peace mean something different in Sweden. The english word "peaceful" doesn't really describe the horrendously misnamed BLM movement.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 3 months

The same organization that burned buildings, destroyed many small businesses and lots of them were owned by minoritys. They beat people in the streets and over 30 people died. This wasn't peaceful protesting, it was a riot.

Glen 3 months

BLM has become an organization that believe burning their neighborhoods and businesses and looting people who had nothing to do with the complaints they had. They attacked innocent people. Which makes them no better than the people their complaining about.

AD C 3 months

So... a movement responsible for more than 200 riots in the year 2020 gets nominated for the Noble Peace prize. Sounds like the set up for a joke but it's sadly just reality. And yes while the protest where 90% peaceful the rest turned into the 200+ riots.

edwin 3 months

Ah, the memes continue to become reality. When the babylon bee makes satire articles that start to become real... its time to rethink the path we are on.

Phillip 3 months

We all lose something when people cheapen the names of these accolades and institutions. You grow up thinking “Nobel prize winning” has a universal meaning. Then Obama wins one in between drone missions. Even a film winning an Oscar means nothing anymore. It turns us all a little nihilistic...shame.

Jax Milovitch
Jax Milovitch 3 months

Hot burning , theiving , shaming and assaulting peace 💩🤡👽

O'Brien 3 months

Peak Leftism. Their patron saint seignior Giorgio de Constanziana encapsulates the entire Left mindset in a single adage: “It’s not a lie if you believe it”.

MrLoseddos 3 months

As a Swede: I am sorry. This is a joke. Now if BLM actually we're doing what they suggest they do I would support it. But with your eyes open you can clearly see they do not deserve this. It's just virtue signalling by the Olof Palme awards and the Nobel prize committee. Like they did with Obomber.

Josh 3 months

The nobel peace prize means nothing anymore. it's a cheap tool used for political theater.

Aleks 3 months

Black Lives Matter is a simple statement every person on the planet should support wholeheartedly. If you cannot do that, here’s a clue, search in your soul and try to identify the dark dark spot that is preventing you from doing so. That’s hate and it is consuming you from the inside, do something about it before it’s too late . If you need help let me know. Write “I have a dark spot in my soul” in your comments and I will try to help you.

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 3 months

Looking at all the war mongers and human rights violators that have won the Nobel Peace Price, this bunch fits right in there!

Martin 3 months

As a norwegian I support this. Black and brown people in America has been treated worse then animals. And racism is still a big problem in the US. They deserve recognition. Good move.

Jackson 3 months

Most of BLM protests are peaceful. That report is from September of 2020, past the "violent summer" Its almost as if the damage a few radical BLM members do has been weaponized by the right. The facts don't care about your feelings crowd are using their feelings as their facts!

Tom 3 months

Pity about all the dead people they've murdered and the democrat cities that they've burnt to the ground they are a terrorist group

Say no to Fascism
Say no to Fascism 3 months

So all people have to do is murder loot and champion racism to be nominated for a Novel "peace" prize? Sounds logical 🙃

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 3 months

If you think this is ridiculous, wait until you see next year's nominees. I hear ISIS, Kim Jung Un, and Xi Xing Ping are all going to be real contenders! /S

Aleks 3 months

Come on you right wingers. BLM is a great movement. Riots after linching of African Americans have existed since.. well linching.. Stop lynching and you riots In the mean time BLM is only advocating for racial justice, mainly via murals and street graffiti and some knee bending... all that creativity for sure deserve the Nobel prize

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