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US Capitol riot: 2 Proud Boys members charged

US Capitol riot: 2 Proud Boys members charged

Two members of Proud Boys, were indicted in federal court for their involvement in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. The charges leveled against them include obstructing an official proceeding and assaulting officers. The two were both originally charged by criminal complaint and were arrested in mid-January. Both were indicted in Washington, D.C.

Glen 2 months

If they belonged to Antifa or BLM, They would have gotten a free pass and would have been bailed out by Kamala Harris.

mike 2 months

When are blm/antifa terrorists going to be arrested for the damage they did when they were let in by the cops

Rocket 2 months

I love it, more FAKE NEWS! I'm really looking forward to watching QUID PRO JOE, who was FRAUDULENTLY elected, get deservedly prosecuted for TREASON!

Star 2 months

Wow how about NAFTA they just cant seem to catch them

Randall 2 months

Those Proud Punks need a talkin' to.

MIDESSA 2 months

How could two fine upstanding haters like that possibly be wrong for trying desperately to save this country from communism or socialism or invasion from brown people or you know whatevers made the hate list that particular week.

Duane 2 months

The more this goes on the more the similarities to the Reichstag Fire are evident.

Joseph 2 months

Another feat of democracy and justice coming through. They should have stayed at home.

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