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CDC makes wearing masks compulsory on all public transport

CDC makes wearing masks compulsory on all public transport

On Friday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) passed an order on the requirement for people to wear masks on all public transport. The order is to come into effect from 11:59pm on Monday and will apply to ’airplanes, ships, trains, subways, buses, taxis, and ride-shares and at transportation hubs like airports, bus or ferry terminals, train and subway stations and seaports.’

truth seeker
truth seeker 2 months

I wish people would wake up. Thus is nothing about a virus its all about control. YOU CAN CALL ME NAMES SAY IM A CULTIST but I do my research NO MATTER WHAT I SAY YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE, YOU NEED TO SEE FOR YOURSELF. Proof is there you just need to look in right places. Crumb to get in right direction for those interested.... h.r. 060606 bill that was funded 6 mths b4 introduced.. by con gress which was b4 this killer virus as well....hmm read it.... its all about this nasty little bug. Wake up before we loose all our freedoms over ignorance. (Not calling anyone ignorant,you only know what you are told or what info you can find which is not a lot of facts on this because looking wrong.)

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

The order allows for brief moments to take off the mask, such as eating or drinking. Now, hear me out on this, but taking down a face mask and breathing even one time is a containment breach, so why not go a step further and simply outlaw the acts of eating and drinking on public transportation while we are at it?

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 2 months

Since when can the CDC or any bureaucracy rule by fiat? There's a process for passing laws and this isn't it. Recommendations, always. Command? Nope and nope.

Kevin 2 months

You must be blind mice to follow a unvoted mandate, people rule not a person !!

OUTRAW mf 2 months

Pretty stupid considering we're rolling out the vaccine now . If this was so important you should have did it a year ago

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