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EU opens competition investigation into Cadbury owner

EU opens competition investigation into Cadbury owner

The EU anti-trust regulators have launched a price-fixing investigation into Cadbury owner Mondelez. This comes on the back of concerns that Mondelez restricted trade across borders between EU countries, pushing up prices for its products. Mondelez, one of the largest chocolate, biscuit and coffee producers in the EU, owns brands including Toblerone and Milka.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 4 months

I can't imagine wanting to consume their garbage food anyway. They make livestock feed for lazy, apathetic humans that have lost touch with food. Buy locally grown and produced, in season food only. You'll be healthier, the environment will be healthier, your local economy will be healthier.

Barry 4 months

Sorry, Cadbury has no competition. It's just that good. Only one source as the other 3 are unrelated

Sarah 4 months

I don't care the cost. Just get them here by Easter so I can buy them! Lol

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