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Idaho continues to work towards preventing legalization of marijuana

Idaho continues to work towards preventing legalization of marijuana

On Friday, Idaho advanced with its Constitutional amendment which would prevent the legalization of marijuana in the State. The region settled on doing the same so as to prevent the nationwide acceptance of the drug from seeping into its territory. Idaho is surrounded by states that have legalized the drug and struggles to prevent the same in their region.

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 3 months

Doesn't matter if they do or not because people will just go to neighboring states. It's weed man, regulate it and tax the stuff!

Fawksie 3 months

Dude weed lmao

MIDESSA 3 months

People in Idaho catch on bout as quick as Texans. Texas lost literally millions to neighboring states over the lottery before it was allowed in Texas. Idaho, like Texas, once the total loss of revenue becomes evident enough for even the slowest to catch on they will backpedal. It's hard for one group to control another group via legislation once said legislation is completely unfounded in any form of truth. Pot is a gateway was never even close to accurate only it's taken the majority of Americans 100yrs to figure that out.

Punker 3 months

even before i start reading the article I am willing to bet there is some Republican politician, that thinks the state should regulate what you do with your body in the name of "freedom and capitalist ethics". Because conservatives are all for freedom you know, the fredom to do exactly how they think or be arrested.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

Yeah I went to Idaho once and found out why ppl hate it there. Flippn boring really really $tup!d ppl that live there. And I brought my own mary jane with me. Actually there is a dispensary like 30 min outside of idaho in Ontario Oregon. Pretty spendy for semi decent stuff.

Beefy G
Beefy G 3 months

Idaho.... Yup... Just taters, from now till eternity.

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