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Publix heiress gave $300K to Trump rally before the Capitol riots

Publix heiress gave $300K to Trump rally before the Capitol riots

Julie Jenkins Fancelli, the daughter of Publix founder George W. Jenkins, contributed about $300,000 to a rally held by former President Donald Trump that preceded the Jan. 6 riot on the U.S. Capitol. Publix Super Markets said it could not comment on Fancelli’s actions, since she is not involved in the operations of the business and does not represent the company in any way.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Oh my goodness just let these megatroplis cities burn to the ground. Good riddance, I say. Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

And?.... Why is this even a story? We could go through all the people and major corps, wall st and big tech that backed the Dems and Biden, but I would ask the same thing, and?...

Aaron 2 months

All the old liberals need to boycott there precious vaccines at publix? ........ Remember old timers always vote for the D......Right!" Strawberry Fields Forever." " Kids are a drag man"(gen. X is a very small demographic) "Never trust anyone over 30" " BIG brother"( Big tech) "Hands across the nation, Hands across the water" (except Hong Kong and Taiwan and Burma and India's boarders and China meat dog markets and Twitter and Facebook and Google and robin hood and...) "This land is your land this land is my land, this land is made for you and you"(except) I love the command generation in Montgomery county MD. (SUPER RICH D.C. suberb) "resist " "black lives matter " (No black folk around because they have been removed by democrats and compressed in the ghettos, but they fly BLM flags when the burning starts) "peace man". What a joke.......Right!

Matt 2 months

K. Wait ... is this a witch hunt? Didn't we learn that lesson long ago, or was that history cancelled, too? F-ing MSM.

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months


Montgomery 2 months

Why aren't we allowed to add stories anymore? Seems like the company was baught by cnn

Mike 2 months


Star 2 months

Good I'm not an heiress but I donate often I'm a working gal

James 2 months

Good to know. In other news, my next door neighbour went shopping today.

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