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’Everything we value has been eroded,’ says Hong Konger after fleeing Beijing

’Everything we value has been eroded,’ says Hong Konger after fleeing Beijing

Post Britain’s decision to create a special passage for ’Hong Kongers’ to settle in the UK, thousands fled Beijing due to the imposition of a draconian national security law in the region. One of the thousands who fled their homeland, Cindy, claimed, ’Everything we value – freedom of speech, fair elections, liberties – has been’s no longer somewhere we can call home.’

Article V FTW
Article V FTW 3 months

"Everything we value – freedom of speech, fair elections, liberties – has been eroded. It’s no longer the Hong Kong we knew"-Person fleeing Hong Kong. We Conservative Americans can relate. I wish for the best for these freedom loving people.

Tiggs 3 months

Thankfully many western countries have opened their borders to those who can afford to escape. I worry about what will happen to the rest of them, the Chinese government are psychopathic, genocidal man1acs.

Hayden 3 months

Why would anyone choose to live in China if they have citizenship in Europe besides like family/jobs/cost. Get out of there

Duncan 3 months

When I first seen the pictures of Hong Kong residents flying American flags in protest of their govt, it made me want to grab my rifle and help them. Unfortunately in this day and age, it's not that simple. The fact that we still do trade with China is despicable. We should be over there liberating them.

Montgomery 3 months

And yet Biden wants to roll back the Chinese restrictions, just because it was a trump thing. They have border disputes with every nation around them. Luckily even Russia don't like them because of border disputes. Might be a good time to cut them off from the global economy like trump was trying to do. Wish the government will quit their high school method of making decisions. When they are suffering internally, there might be real change to the fascist dictatorship

Victor 3 months

Totalitarian regimes can not resist their nature; he Chinese regime, like all totalitarian regimes will blow up or collapse because it is the natural instinct of humans to rule themselves and to be free. The only question is when and how it will collapse or explode. The Chinese people are quickly reaching the level where "food and possessions are not enough". This does not mean that representative democracy is not fake democracy; it is in reality an elected oligarchic class that is also collapsing, as we can see in the US and other countries because it is not "government of the people, by the people, for the people", it never was, never mind Lincoln's words. Representative democracy is in fact "government by those elected by the people when the people do not trust themselves to govern". Only direct democracy can save the US and other representative democracies; "we pay, we decide".

Cole Hampton
Cole Hampton 3 months

I hate to be the A-hole in the chat, but... WHAT DID THEY THINK WAS GUNNA HAPPEN?!?!?!?! China doesn't permit any of its subjects to exercise any of Hong Kong's historical rights. When Britain left, the clock started ticking until the eventual, inevitable crack down from the ccp. It sucks, it shouldn't be, but that's what the ccp has made of China.

Darknimbus3 3 months

Meanwhile, in the only country in the world right now whose (leftist) citizens seem to want tyranny over freedom....

MrWizard 3 months

It's like Germany taking Memel all over again. And just like back then, nobody cared.

Indo 3 months

Amazing people. Gushing out like spillways. Amy reason is a good one for it.

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