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Anti-vax protesters temporarily shut down COVID-19 vaccine site

Anti-vax protesters temporarily shut down COVID-19 vaccine site

The Dodger stadium, one of the largest vaccination sites in the US, was temporarily shut down Saturday because dozen of anti-vaccine protesters blocked the entrance. The vaccination site reopened shortly before 3 pm. Soon after, Gov. Newsom tweeted: ’We will not be deterred or threatened. Dodger Stadium is back up and running.’

Rocky 3 weeks

I don't see why you would stop people that want it from getting it. Just don't force people that don't want it to get it and all is good.

Hector 3 weeks

End the lockdown signs.. while interrupting vaccination sites lmao.

michael 3 weeks

Bad enough they won't vaccinate themselves or their children, but to deny others the choice is heinus.

alma 3 weeks

I agree with these people up to a certain point. Whoever doesn’t want to get the vaccine shouldn’t be forced to. It’s their bodies after all. Whoever wants to get it should get it. Simple as that.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 weeks

If your not willing to get vaccinated then stay out of the hospital when you get sick. Simple really... I can safely say I wouldn't help anyone of these ppl we need less $tup!d ppl in the USA anyway

Mutatis 3 weeks

After looking into this story, I am not sure if the entrance was ever blocked by protestors, with the only confirmed bit being that officials on site briefly closed the entrance themselves as a "precaution" over the protest. Precaution against what I am unsure, but that is all I have found so far and all the videos show the protesters on the side of the road.

jennifer 3 weeks

These protesters broke the law. Ppl can protest but they can't block entrances, they can't force pedestrians to stop and listen to their message.

Ivan 3 weeks

Everyone in the world could get vaccinated, and they would STILL have lockdowns. Now do you see why they are protesting?

Jay 3 weeks

I've read the statements on here and realize people are just dumb.. the protesters are ignorant and wrong. Thinking it's ok to get sick and others will get sick as well ooohhhh we have rights... hey !@@holes there are hundreds of thousands dead because of this illness your rights and ignorant opinions dont matter when so many lives have been taken and destroyed because of covid or protester's and you idiots sit there wining over rights and personalized opinions your life or anyone life is no more important than others the problem with the world and people is it's all about them. Billions of people but it's all about self not others. Its sickening

Karlo 3 weeks

This is a level of interference on other people's lives that is not justified. Don't want to be vaccinated? Then don't, but don't whine if being vaccinated is considered a requirement to have access to some aspects of society. Don't want the lockdowns to go on? The last thing you should do is prevent people from being vaccinated. All that kind of disruptive activism does is antagonise the public against your cause. If there was anything positive then at least the protest seems to have been peaceful.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 3 weeks

I'm fine with people not vaxing. What I'm not fine with is people stopping others from wanting to protect themselves.

Philip 3 weeks

Vaccination is the way to end the lockdowns you morons

Blarpus 3 weeks

Wow the right wingers exposing their full hypocrisy yet again. I thought they were all about freedom of choice for the individual ? Can’t keep anything straight when you are stupid i guess.

ken taro
ken taro 3 weeks

dont they realize the virus is going to magically disappear after the election. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔫

Fawksie 3 weeks

Look I don't trust this vaccine, it's too new and has been developed too quickly. If I get it at all it'll be much later, when we start seeing if people are getting sterilised or whatever. That said if people want to get it right away that's their decision, this was retarded.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 3 weeks

Don’t do this?!? What’s wrong with you? You don’t want the vaccine don’t get the vaccine but don’t stop others from making their own choice. What are you guys, Antifa?

Amber 3 weeks

This is ridiculous. Why do they care if other people decide to get vaccinated? None of their business.

TexasReb 3 weeks

The story said that it was right wingers (which I am way to the right) and I have no sympathy for these sorts of shut down tactics. Arrest them (I'm sure that there is something they can be charged with) and haul their asses to jail. I thinks it's perfectly fine for the protesters to stand, out of the way, on the sidewalk with signs and scream their anti-vax bullshit all they want but don't block people who want the vaccine. That's BS!

Sigfried 3 weeks

After a snap review of all comments, I have determined Mutatis wins the internet.

Nina X.
Nina X. 3 weeks

People are afraid it’s going to turn into a “I got vaccinated, now you better too” scenario

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