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WHO team visits food market in Wuhan in search for coronavirus clues

WHO team visits food market in Wuhan in search for coronavirus clues

A team from the WHO looking into the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic on Sunday visited the food market in the Wuhan that was linked to many early infections. The team members visited the Huanan Seafood Market for about an hour. The market was the site of a December 2019 outbreak of the virus. The members have so far visited two hospitals at the center of the early outbreak.

Mike 4 months

You know, if they started an investigation a year after the pandemic broke out and after WHO officials praised China for containing the virus (although insiders say there may be millions of underreported cases), I won't be surprised if this market will be marked as clean and hygienic.

Got Truth
Got Truth 4 months

I think having the WHO investigate is just theatrics. If they found evidence that implicated their own organization, do you think they would share or bury 🤔 that information? Do''t put any credit to this joke of an exercise.

IvoryDove 4 months

No chance that lab workers went there for lunch after being exposed to the virus...... And why aren't they going straight to the Wuhan lab and asking for employee records for everyone who worked there for the last 4 years and interviewing them in private? The Chinese likely scrubbed their data bases and let their employees know they've got moles in WHO so they'll know who talks.

Randall 4 months

I believe it may have been planted in China by the Trump administration then brought to Iran. The secret agent man couldn't get back to the US directly so he went to Italy and then to New York where he died soon after.

sean 4 months

This is man made.....the covid test device was patented in 2015!!!!!!

Glen 4 months

Home brewed in China. Virus created as a weapon. While China grows stronger, every other country grows weak. China's economy booming, rest of the world's economy's are failing. The world needs to wake up before its to late.

coughdrop1989 4 months

The real question, did they try the bat soup?

Martin 4 months

I think the restaurant sum ting wong was a big give away.

Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller 4 months

They won't find anything because it came from a lab.

AW1990 4 months


FirstCensorshipThenJail 4 months


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