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10 Republicans roll out $600B stimulus plan

10 Republicans roll out $600B stimulus plan

Sen. Bill Cassidy accused President Biden of having failed to reach out to his group of bipartisan centrist senators before releasing his $1.9T coronavirus stimulus proposal earlier in January. Cassidy is among ten GOP senators who proposed an alternative $600B relief package on Sunday. Cassidy claimed that Biden did not even try to work with his bipartisan group of senators.

Alan 4 months

Yeah because the GOP and trump tried to work with the Dems when they were trying to get money in the pockets of tax payers instead the GOP and trump gave tax breaks to millionaires and bail outs to business that pay nothing in tax

Jon 4 months

The reason Biden did not bother is because he is running the country as a dictator. We are the new China and we better start getting use to this. Biden has already killed millions of jobs, he then opens borders making it harder for those he took jobs from to find available ones. This list goes on and on. Everything he swore in the debate he would not do, he turned around and did it in the first 5 days in office. Thing is, every single Trump Rally held he told us it was going to happen, yet democrats treat Trump like he is the liar and deceiver claiming he was inciting violence but in fact, he was just being honest. I find it hard to believe that those who voted for Biden are not seeing this, maybe even thinking they made a wrong choice, as they should. But let us not have hard feelings for a mistake, we need to work together to save our country now that everyone sees what is happening.

Rafael 4 months

Cassidy and the republicans can take that 600 billion dollar proposal and shove it where the sun don't shine.

IvoryDove 4 months

The Democrats know how to use federal funds to build support in the big cities for future Democrats. They disburse huge "grants" that target liberal causes and that money makes its way into the pockets of donors who then reciprocate with campaign cash. The bigger the bill, the better the Democrats will do in 2022.

jesse 4 months

Up cassideys. Gop knows very well 600 bill ain't enough. We need 1.9 trill to do it all if they really want to help this economy in a pandemic! But gop and trump had nooo problem coughing up 2.3 trillion on 2017 that went to the filthy rich. Who do they think they're fooling. And no more mr. Nice guy compromising by Dems. They tried that before and got nothing in return. This is not Mitch's show anymore.

Jon 4 months

Look at how the Republican cult is already trying to weaponize Bidens calls for unity. This disengenuous bootlicker wants to stiff Americans suffering through one of our worst crisis in history and has the audacity to say Biden didn't want to work with them. Gtfo, the only people falling for this are the cultists, everyone else with half a brain sees right through the bs rhetoric.

Bob 4 months

Screw the hypocrites GOP. Bypass the idiots. Take no quarter, pulverize the GOP into the ground.

Mark 4 months

Haha what did these guys expect after 4 years of ramming their bills down the other sides throat once the other side regains power? It’s amazing the republicans in government always try to give people less than they need in fear of giving too much but giving too much has never been tried. What if, and I know this might be a shocking question to ask, giving too much is BETTER than giving not enough ???

John 4 months

If an automobile is priced to sell at $10,000 and you offer $2000, the seller wouldn't even consider responding. Why would this approach be any different? $600B isn't even close to a reasonable starting point.

Bill 4 months

Remember the Dems withheld funds to Americans workers all summer long. Just to keep Trump from taking the credit. They played with are lives to win an election. The Republican are now just trying to stop unlimited Democrat spending so there’s a county left for the future.

Jim 4 months

Just add 2 1/2 more similar bills, take out your poison pills and include Biden’s agenda then we may consider you bills. As of yet it’s only an attempt to create illusions of Cooperation to slow down the process. Try again!

Rafael 4 months

Yea jon now that everyone sees what is happening. I'll tell you what's happening biden won this election fair and square, in fact he beat trump like a drum. And do you know why? It's because got tired of the lies the cons and the hate from the previous administration. You need to stop drinking that poison kool-aid.

michael 4 months

If you propose protecting companies that ignore health and safety guidelines, your bill doesn't deserve to pass.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

Haha. Money printer go brrr 🖨 💰 🤑 💸 💲

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher 4 months

We have already spent more money than all of the wars in my lifetime combined on covid. With revenue down from all of the business that have closed their doors for good, where does the government expect to get the money? It isn't just our country but all countries have over spent and are heading for financial ruin. What happens when all countries run out of money?

Rafael 4 months

Tom wake up from that bad dream they put in your mind and come back to reality.

Neala 4 months

Oh boo boo! How does it feel?

Tom 4 months

Yes $600 not the $2000 was promised before you stole the election

john 4 months

It’s really easy to claim the man I charge didn’t want to negotiate with you when the item for negotiation is yet another insult to the American people. We need stimulus, not more payouts to the republicans friends. Just like we don’t need Biden sending a bunch of money overseas to his allies. This is extremely disheartening as an American who only wants progress for the PEOPLE. Not the elitists who claim they’re here to help.

Cory 4 months

The Left, aided by the traitorous RINO's, stole the election. Period. But I'm okay with that as long as I get my $2000 stimulus checks every month until the Covid crisis is "over".

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