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GOP grapples with internal divisions as Trump trial looms

GOP grapples with internal divisions as Trump trial looms

Congressional Republicans face a week of reckoning ahead of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. House Republican Kinzinger announced Sunday a new political action committee called the Country First PAC, intended to challenge Trump’s ongoing grip on the party. Besides, some GOP lawmakers mulls whether to depose Liz Cheney as one of its House of Representatives leaders for backing impeachment.

David 4 months

Leading to a very big mess. Trump sure divided the GOP

Corn Pop【Bad Dude】
Corn Pop【Bad Dude】 4 months

5 unrelated links. newsvoice is such füçking gårbagé.

Glen 4 months

Biden is bringing back the GOP. His first 2 weeks in office nothing short of a disaster. He eliminated tens of thousands of jobs. He's going to allow millions of illegals to become citizens. He's reentered the Paris climate changs conference, which will cost the American taxpayers trillions of dollars. He's raising the minimum wage at the cost of tens of thousands of small businesses. Etc etc etc. This is just the first two weeks and yes as usual the liberial media is jumping for joy.

David 4 months

If Trump is allowed to split the party, there will never be another national election where Republicans stand a chance. He needs to be convicted and completely discredited so that that can not happen. Am I the only one that sees this obvious eventuality?

Aleks 4 months

I watched a WH press briefing today, what a contrast. Jen Psaki made her 3 or 4 predecessors look like clowns in comparison. On the other hand if you are a spokesperson for a clown there is not much you can do.... And to who knows who they are.. Go inject bleach in your body

Mutatis 4 months

Meh, this is all smoke and mirrors for those seeking a confirmation bias. Unless Trump publicly leaves the party, I see little chance of any large scale fracturing among Republicans.

Brian 4 months

The gop is divided and I am loving it.

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