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Democrats consider expanding lower federal courts

Democrats consider expanding lower federal courts

Democrats are vetting civil rights lawyers and public defenders to nominate as judges in district and circuit courts to reshape the courts after Republicans overhauled them in the last four years, adding more than 200 judges to the federal bench, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said. A commission has also been constituted to study increasing seats on the Supreme court to more than 9 justices.

jo‌‌n 2 months

oh ffs, they are coming for the judicial branch now. maybe ol sniffu can just write an executive order declaring himself Emporer and eliminating the judicial branch all together.

Tish Tosh
Tish Tosh 2 months

So...they want to pack the courts 😩 ''m just so done with the obvious lies from the left coming to fruition. Just shut up and go home for like a week. The US needs a holiday from the drama.

Jackson 2 months

The thing is, packing the courts is a winning strategy for the dems, they just have to time it right. Because of demographic changes in the US, the democratic party will soon be an undefeatable block. With the rise of GEN Z, Milenials, and an increase in POC, its all but inevitable that the dems take control. However, if they pack the courts before their new power sets in, the Republicans will probably pack the courts further.

Suzi 2 months

I truly believe this is more about stirring up fear and resentment than the courts. As long as the filibuster remains, SCOTUS is safe. Yes, the Democrats can appointment judges, but this isn’t new or unexpected. I think the goal is to keep us distracted so we’re unaware of what really matters.

Nizigiyimana 2 months

I love your mindsets guys. When judges resigned what do you expect? The sit to be vacant til the conservatives take control in 2024? Why didn't these judges stepped down when Trump was still in the office but had to make sure they present their case on the day of after the inauguration of Biden. Wake up guys.

ian 2 months

And very quickly forming a dictatorship ready to install kamalalalalaladimwit as emperor in chief.

Aleks 2 months

Wasn't this what the entire Trump presidency was about? The left is consistent we'll do to you what you did to us. 😀

Aaron 2 months

sounds like a step to undermine the rule of law farther

TomandDaydie 2 months


Aleks 2 months

Politics is now a full contact sport. Trash the adversary

Aleks 2 months

They should just pack the supreme court but I doubt Joe manchin will allow it

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